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GWE — The Interviews: Eric Slick (Dr. Dog)

God Ween Evan continues its periodic interview series, where someone in or around Ween and the Ween community chews the fat with the team. Next up is singer, songwriter, and drummer Eric Slick. Slick is often recognized as a drummer with rock acts including Dr Dog and Natalie Prass, but to label this octopoidal beast a simple tub thumper does a disservice to his immense musical talent. His first LP Palisades dropped in 2017 and revealed a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with ambitions beyond the four on the floor. In 2018 he released the Bullfighter EP, a dense four song cycle anchored by a string quartet and rounded off by electronics, percussion and distant piano crashes. In June, he is set to release another solo album, a topic discussed in this episode, as well as his ties to Ween (trying out for the band, working with Deaner on music during quarantine, etc.), epic Thanksgiving jams at John & Peter's, the most fire bars Brian Wilson ever spit, and more!

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    Fresh off seeing Ween in NYC on Nov 1st, the entire God Ween Evan team reunites to introduce this interview with Angie Hart. Angie is the lead singer of the Australian pop rock band Frente! who reached global success with their cover of "Bizarre Love Triangle" in 1994. Frente! recorded the song "Get Real" with Dean and Gene during their Ween/Frente! tour of Australia. Angie has also covered "I’ll Miss You" and "Stay Forever."
  • GWE — The Interviews: Dave Ayers

    God Ween Evan continues its periodic interview series, where someone in the world of Ween talks with the GWE team. This time, Will Nunziata interviews former Ween manager Dave Ayers, a longtime A&R man who signed Ween to TwinTone Records. In this episode, Ayers recounts stories from when he first met the boys up until the release of Chocolate & Cheese. Ayers is a titan in the music business, signing and managing such acts as Soul Asylum, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Helmet, TV on the Radio, The Black Keys, St Vincent, Kamasi Washington, and Geese (just to name a few!). He also wrote an Air America show with Rachel Maddow, Lizz Winstead and Chuck D. Listen in as Ayers recounts stories from Ween’s early days, ones about the original cover art and album title for what would become God Ween Satan, or the incredible way in which Dean and Gene had him initially listen to The Pod, or the unbelievable story about Gener’s wedding in Las Vegas, and much more.
  • GWE — The Interviews: Ed Wilson

    God Ween Evan continues its periodic interview series, where someone in or around Ween and the Ween community chews the fat with the team. In this episode Will Nunziata interviews musician Ed Wilson, a virtuoso guitar player who crossed paths with Ween in the early 90s. Ed has co-writing/publishing credit on the renowned Ween classic "Freedom of 76," and has contributed to a slew of other Ween songs including "I'll Miss You" and "Champagne Jam." He also has thousands of stories to share about his time playing and hanging with the band.  
  • Cover It With Gas : Put Your Boobs On

    For the second instalment of our Cover it With Gas and Set on Fire Ween cover series we turn to Eli Schwab and the rest of the Can I Thwipp It Boys (Manus Dunbar and Zach Johnson) for a truly inspired take on the deepest of Ween cuts, "Put Your Boobs On." Members of the Ween community will know Eli from his incredible work with the Weenzine but may not be aware of his lyrical stylings. He and Manus, an accomplished MC in his own right, deliver verses drenched in Ween imagery and comical cosmic punchlines all anchored by Zach's silky but ugent production, a beat Dr. Dre would be proud to call his own. So come take a ride with us, and put your motherfucking boobs on!Learn more about the Thwipp It Boys! on spotify and Apple Podcasts titular cover: Schwab@cosmiclion on insta Dunbar@manusdunbar@janmichaelvintage insta Johnson@zzackjohnson insta
  • Cover It With Gas : Tender Situation

    God Ween Evan is back with a new Ween cover series we are calling Cover It With Gas & Set It On Fire! We put out the call to the Ween fan community and received numerous kick ass Ween covers, but none more inspired than our first selection: Eli Wing's "Tender Situation." Eli Wing is a Ween fan and musician based in the Netherlands who records under the name Hushed Hands and his take on Ween’s beloved bromance ballad "Tender Situation" is ethereal and devastatingly beautiful. Please enjoy his effort and our lovely conversation.  Listen to more from (Hushed Hands) on Bandcamp:
  • Season 2, Episode 8: Fancy Locks and Cocks and Rocks, Stay inside, Stay inside.

    On this episode of God Ween Evan filmmaker, artist, and teacher Chis Roberti joins the fun to explore the offerings off of Ween's eighth studio album Quebec. Chris's work has screened at TriBeCa and Sundance Film Festivals, and his first feature, Same Boat, is available On Demand. Same Boat was filmed secretly aboard a cruise ship and features Evan Kaufman, David Carl, and Katie Hartman (and almost featured Will Nunziata). Check the film at and learn more about Chris's projects at
  • GWE — The Interviews: Hank Shteamer

    God Ween Evan continues its periodic interview series, where someone in or around Ween and the Ween community chews the fat with the team. In this episode Will Nunziata and Paul Gutkowski sit down with Hank Shteamer, a Senior Music Editor at Rolling Stone. Shteamer has written about music professionally for more than 15 years. He wrote a book on Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese album for the 33 1/3 series, and runs Heavy Metal Bebop, an interview series dedicated to the intersections of jazz and heavy metal.
  • Swapping Spit with God Ween Evan, Chapter 1

    This episode of God Ween Evans kicks off a new series entitled “Swapping Spit with God Ween Evan,” where the quarantined gang assembles weekly for a live video stream. While this podcast episode features the recording of the commencement of the series taped last week, please join us LIVE for the next three Wednesday nights at 9:30pm on the Osiris Youtube Channel. Stay safe. Stay Sheltered. And if you are an essential employee, thank you for everything!