God Yay or Nay?


Ep. 95 - Ritual and the Present Moment (with Jeremy Dobski)

Ep. 95

In this episode I speak with comedian Jeremy Dobski.  Jeremy has always been interested in spirituality and tells us about his journey of coming from a Jewish upbringing to becoming heavily influenced by Buddhism.  Jeremy tells us about studying mindfulness and the changes that it helped make in his life.

    Jeremy talks about how most of us and our society is trapped in “thought”.  We talk about how mindfulness helps us dis-identify from our thoughts or ego so they are not controlling most of our behaviors.  Jeremy also has come back to his Jewish roots.  He talks about how the rituals in the religion have helped him and how he looks at Judaism through a Buddhist lens now.

    We also have a great conversation about psychedelics which we have both experimented with.  Jeremy talks about the experience of an “ego death” on psychedelics.   We talk about the possible positive and negative experiences that can happen from an “ego death”.  We talk about how psychedelics can open up different mental faculties in us.

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