God Yay or Nay?


Ep. 91 - Loneliness and Building Relationships (with Lee Hopkins)

Ep. 91

In this episode I speak with coach Lee Hopkins.  Lee helps people dealing with loneliness develop stronger friendships and relationships.  Lee tells us his backstory of moving from city to city trying to find actual connections and friendships with people but continually followed the same tracks of very shallow relationships.  

    Lee talks about the fear of rejection and how it holds back so many beautiful opportunities in your life.  He gives us advice on overcoming rejection and a new way to look at it.  He talks about the importance of understanding your boundaries so you know what type of people are good fits for you.

    Lee talks about how to handle dealing with people with different opinions and the importance of being able to openly share your own beliefs to make real connections.  Lee gives us some tips on how to make meaningful conversations with people in your life.  Lee is a transman and shares the different socialization experiences he had as either gender.


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