God Yay or Nay?


Ep. 75 - Creativity and Spirituality (with Sarah Selecky)

Ep. 75

In this episode I speak with author Sarah Selecky.  Sarah is author of 2 critically acclaimed books and founder of a creative writing school.   Sarah gives us insights on how to be more creative in our work and life.  We talk about the importance of understanding ourselves and our emotions and how this can help spark creativity and give us an idea of what you should be creating.  

Sarah shares some different exercises she does with her students to allow their creativity to flow.  We talk about the inner critic and how it hinders creativity.  We talk about the nature of the inner critic or ego and how to develop a better relationship with it that allows more creativity and risk taking.

Sarah talks about writer's block or just any blocks that stop us from creating.  She tells us the different types of resistance we feel to creating and why they stop us from doing what we want.  She gives us some tips on how to overcome this resistance and start creating again.  She also goes on to talk about the flow state, dreams and synchronicities and how they are a part of the creative process.


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