God Yay or Nay?


Ep. 97 - Living Outside the Status Quo (with Meg Heppner)

Ep. 97

In this episode I speak with Meg heppner.  Meg is host of the podcast “The Art of Being H(YOU)man”, hypnotherapist and coach.  Meg talks about the dreams society has promised us and how they are no longer feasible for large portions of the population.  She talks about how these expectations we've been raised with affect our mental health and decision making.  Meg feels that this is a great opportunity for people to live more outside the status quo.

    Meg talks about how much of our culture and interactions are based in fear.  She talks about how different subconscious fears express themselves in individuals and society at whole.  Meg is a minimalist and she shares how many of her relationships changed after becoming one.  She talks about the consequences of doing something that's outside the status quo in society.


    Meg talks about the stories in our society that only have power because we collectively agree with them.  She talks about not agreeing with a story or making a new story has the power to create tremendous change.  As a hypnotherapist Meg tells us how the stories, fears, and beliefs in our subconscious influence our conscious behaviors.  She tells us how to implant ideas in your subconscious that help change your behavior  


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