God Yay or Nay?


Ep. 96 - Comfort in Uncertainty (with James Heppner)

Ep. 96

In this episode I speak with host of the podcast “Weekly Wins and Losses” James Heppner.  James tells us how his main purpose is trying to help people participate and engage in life.  He talks about how to deal with wins and losses in your life so you can use them as something that was given to you rather than labeling it as a win or loss.  

    James tells us about growing up in a family where his dad was a pastor of a megachurch.  James tells us about dogmatism is about certainty and how he had to find a way to be comfortable in uncertainty.  James tells us about the process of deconstructing his faith and the reconstructing his faith in a way that works for him.

    James helps people feel safety in places when they usually feel danger.  He tells us about the greatest things that happen in your life when you take a step into uncertainty. He gives us exercises on how to change our beliefs about things that we want in our life.


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