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Ep. 94 - The Pilgrim's Journey (with Moe Ismail)

Ep. 94

In this episode I speak with comedian Moe Ismail.  Moe is a Canadian Muslim who just went to Mecca on a pilgrimage for Umrah.  Umrah is a pilgrimage that Muslims do where they travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.  Moe explains the rituals and historical significance of the places he visited. 

Moe tells us about the profound experiences he experienced he experienced when he walked around Kaaba (most sacred place in Islam).  He describes the overwhelming feeling of being around people from all round the world coming to one place for one purpose.  He also shares his story of going and visiting Muhammad’s grave in Medina and the completely different feelings he had there.

Moe shares the different transformations this trip helped spark in him.  We talk and compare those transformations to other spiritual transformations we have had in our life and from other peoples stories in different traditions or practices.   

Moe on Instagram - @moemoeismail 

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