God Yay or Nay?


Ep. 93 - Community and Vulnerability (with Dai Manuel)

Ep. 93

In this episode I speak with High Performance Life Coach, Author and Tedx Speaker Dai Manuel.  Dai talks about his earlier struggles with anxiety, depression and obesity when he was younger.  He talks about the physical transformation he made when he was younger but how he switched his addiction from food to alcohol.  He talks about having to deal with the mental parts of an addiction otherwise it just manifests itself in another addiction.

    Dai teaches us about how to develop the confidence to make changes in your life.  He talks about the difference between supporting someone rather than trying to change them.  He talks about when people feel inadequate they tend to isolate and how harmful that can be.  Dai tells us about the importance of community and support to help facilitate change in people.

    We also discuss the importance of vulnerability and the misconceptions of what it is, especially with men.  Dai tells us how when one person becomes vulnerable it gives others permission to become vulnerable too. We talk about how some people think vulnerability is weak but how much courage and strength there is in it.  


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