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Ep. 92 - All About Mindfulness (with Dena Jackson)

Ep. 92

    In this episode I speak with Comedian, Yoga and Meditation teacher Dena Jackson.  Dena explains the difference between meditation and mindfulness and we discuss the different benefits each of those practices have given us.  

    Dena has been working with a Mindfulness teacher that studied through Theravada Buddhism in Thailand.  She tells us what she has learnt working with her teacher and how her practice has grown over the years.  Dena explains how building a consistent mindfulness practice strengthens your awareness of your body and mind over time and how that can be used practically in your regular life.

Dena also has done a few silent meditation retreats where you have to be in complete silence for 5 days.  She explains what happens at a silent meditation retreat and how she adjusted to the long periods of silence.  She tells us how these retreats helped her practice.

She also gives great advice on how to choose meditation retreat for first timers.


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