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Ep. 73 - Recovering My True Self (with Melissa Mayer)

Ep. 73

In this episode I speak with the author of “Recovering my True Self” Melissa Mayer.  Melissa has a doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She speaks about how she transitioned from a more traditional medical setting into a more holistic one.  Melissa talks about donating her kidney to her husband and how that sparked a huge transformation in her life.

Melissa and I talk about the importance of seeing obstacles as opportunities to grow.  She talks about quitting drinking and having a creative recovery too.     She talks about the “letting go” aspect of the process which allies for change to happen and creativity to flow. 

Melissa talks about going to Sri Lanka with the head monk of her local Buddhist center.  She talks about how being around monks helped her meditation practice.  She shares how the trip made her realize she needs to write a book.  She shares an influential book for her “The Artist’s Way” and how that allowed her to bring creativity and spirituality together.  


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