God Yay or Nay?


Ep. 116 - Validation, Transformation and Comedy (with Simon King)

Ep. 116

In this episode I speak with one of Canada’s best comedians Simon King.  Simon gives us some insight into the process of “finding your voice” as an artist.  He shares the various transformations he had to go through as a comedian to get him to where he is today.  He shares the joys and pains of that process and the importance of listening to your inner self.

Simon and I talk about how comedians and most people in society are constantly chasing validation.  Whether that validation comes from our work, peers, family, or love interests we talk about how chasing validation affects our behavior and leads to jealousy and resentment.  We talk about our own journeys of releasing those heavy emotions and learning to stop chasing validation and start chasing what we want.

Simon shares with us how his spirituality and belief systems have evolved in the last few years after having a child and after his father died.  He tells us how he looks at life now with deeper meaning and how that helps him approach his days.



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