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Ep. 115 - The Identity Crisis (with Troy Hadeed)

Ep. 115

In this episode I speak with author and yoga teacher Troy Hadeed.  Troy talks about all the labels we use to define ourselves in this world and how limiting they can be.  He talks about how all of our choices revolve around the preservation of our identity.  He takes this concept further and talks about how we identify with our bodies and how that gives us a deep fear subconsciously that affects all our behaviors.  

Troy talks about how most of our personalities and actions are based on how we are conditioned.  He tells us how we can never truly be compassionate unless we understand their actions come from conditioning.  He talks about the truest form of privilege that someone can have is receiving love.  

Troy tells us about growing up with a Middle Eastern background in Trinidad.  He talks about the shame he felt from his background and privilege that was associated with his background.  He talks about how he dealt with that shame and guilt growing up and learning to accept his privilege.  Troy tells us about how Reggae and Rastafarian culture impacted him growing up and shaped who he became.


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