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Ep. 113 - Understanding Stress (with Wellness Theory)

Ep. 113

In this episode I speak with Charlotte and Jonathon from “Wellness Theory ''.  Jonathan and Charlotte started Wellness Theory to help people eliminate unhealthy stress, calm irate minds, and control their emotions to live a better life.  Jon and Charlotte talk about how interconnected our mental, physical and emotional health are.  Jon gives us his background of how healed his chronic pain and the physical and emotional parts behind it.

    Jon and Charlotte tell us the 3 different levels of stress and how they manifest themselves in our body and mind.   They tell people to focus on their body, thoughts and emotions to try and get to deeper parts of your stress.  They talk about having to deal with unresolved emotional traumas or even just question our own belief structures and values and ask ourselves how they are serving us.

Jon and Charlotte tell us how stress affects our body especially when we eat, sleep or do different activities.  They tell us a few myths about stress in our culture and how we got to stop believing these lies.  They also give us different exercises to calm down our nervous system and to recognize and release excess emotion stuck in our bodies.


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