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Ep. 112 - Growing Up Disc Golf (with Scott Stokely)

Ep. 112

In this episode I speak with professional Disc Golfer Scott Stokely.  Scott has multiple Guinness World Records, multiple World Disc Golf Titles and is author of the book “Growing Up Disc Golf”.  Scott tells us about growing up as a latchkey kid and eventually moving to a rich neighborhood where he didn’t fit in.  He tells us about how he found community through playing on the first ever Disc Golf course ever.

    Scott talks about leaving Disc Golf and turning to business.  He talks about eventually developing a drug habit trying to stay up late to work on his businesses.  He talks about losing his home and trying to find places to live.  He shares a story of walking into a Disc Golf store after being out of the for a decade and being recognized as one of the best Disc Golfers ever.  He tells us how this gave him the conviction to get off drugs and get back into the professional Disc Golf tour.

    Scott tells us how he now is constantly traveling the world playing Disc Golf and running his businesses and helping tons of charities.  Scott tells us his reasons for giving back to people and the community.  He has his own ideas on what people's reasons behind giving are and how it doesn’t matter.


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