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Ep. 111 - Guidance from my Mentor (with Andrew Oporto)

Ep. 111

In this episode I speak with comedian Andrew Oporto.  Andrew tells us about meeting his mentor that really helped change his life a few years ago.  He tells us about what his mentor practices called Ferasa which is the ancient art of face reading.  Andrew tells us how our faces tell us stories about what we have gone through in life and he shares some of the simplest ways he learnt how to read other people’s faces.

    Andrew shares how his mentor highlighted things that happened in his past and that he needed to let go of in order to be happy and more balanced in life.  He shares more about the Ferasa philosophy that really relies on balance in all areas in life and especially with your closest relationships.  Andrew talks about changes he made in his life in the last 4 years including having a better relationship with his family, stopping drinking and smoking weed, and developing a spirituality.  

    Andrew talks about how western culture focuses on material possessions and isolation and how it brings more suffering to us.  He talks about the need for community and how being around people shifts your emotional state and how good that is for your well being.  Andrew talks about how in western culture we are very hesitant to accept stuff from people when it's offered.  He tells us how important it is to accept gifts and what that does for society.

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