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Ep. 110 - The Self Improvement Junkie (with Edward Sturm)

Ep. 110

In this episode I speak with Edward Strum.  Edward is a self proclaimed self-improvement junkie.  He’s created multiple viral videos, appeared on numerous TV shows, and has created the “Commit Club” where he gives its users 30 day challenges to implement new positive habits into your life.  Edward tells us how he created these viral videos and his secret behind it.

    Edward tells us about “small chunking” which is doing a little bit of something everyday and watching how it compounds over time.  He shares how he was able to enter different tech fields just by learning a little about something everyday until he was very proficient in it.  He tells us how this inspired his “Commit Club” challenge and how it helped him gain so many great habits like meditation, journaling, cold showers and more.

    Edward has lived in over 30 countries and he talks about why and where he has been.  He tells us about being in Keiv, Ukraine right before the war broke out and all the craziness he had to go through to leave the country.  Edward is in Rome right now and tells us about his experiences walking through the Vatican.  


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