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Ep. 109 - Addicted to Recovery (with Tara Boyce)

Ep. 109

In this episode I speak with host of the podcast “Addicted to Recovery” Tara Boyce.  Tara tells us about her journey with alcoholism being in and out of rehab 12 times.  She talks about the differences every time she goes into rehab.  She talks about how rehab met her needs of connectedness, purpose, structure and how she struggled to meet those needs in her life.

    Tara tells us about how alcohol calmed down her anxiety and feelings of inadequacy.  She talks about how drinking just created the negative feedback loop that makes your anxieties worse.  She tells us about the persona she has when drinking and how the longer she was drinking the further separated she got from her sober self.  

    Tara tells us about the spirituality in the 12 steps program and how it didn’t connect well with her.  She tells us the importance of spirituality in recovery and how she had to find a spirituality that worked with her beliefs.  She tells us how she found secular ways of finding meaning and purpose in her life without religion or dogma which she couldn’t get on board with.


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