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Ep. 107 - A Conversation on Meditation (with Kara Goodwin)

Ep. 107

In this episode I speak with host of “The Meditation Conversation Podcast” Kara Goodwin.  Kara is a meditation teacher and tells us about the really difficult year she went through that made her dedicate herself to a meditation practice to manage the turmoil in her life.  Kara tells us about the meditation technique she started with and tells us how to do it.  

Kara tells us how meditation changes our brain over time and continuous practice.  She explains how the emotional parts of your brain can dominate most of your experience.  She explains how mediation can activate different areas of your brain and activate higher states of being including creativity, altruism, and concentration.  She explains how a continuous meditation practice can lead to living more consciously and allows us to make better choices.  

We have a great conversation about how meditation can help us recognize self sabotaging thought patterns and how those patterns affect us.  Kara gives us advice on how to disrupt those patterns.  Kara also talks about the link between spirituality and meditation.  She tells us about how her meditation changed her beliefs about life and our place in the world.


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