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Ep. 106 - Heart of the City (with Comedian Marito Lopez)

Ep. 106

In the episode I speak with comedian, writer and co-host of “The Strickly Beloved Podcast” Marito Lopez.  Marito talks about recognizing he needed a change in life and how that led to moving to Vancouver.  Marito tells us he never gave himself a chance to fully recover from alcoholism and now he’s giving himself the time to heal.  He talks about learning to be quiet and slow down so he can allow himself to heal.

    Marito tells us about learning to speak from his heart rather than his mind. He shares the difference that makes in his creativity.  He tells us how he’s slowly connecting with his heart and the process that leads to that.  Marito tells us about a book he read called “Reflections of the Heart” and the wisdom that he learnt from that and the peace it brings in his life.  

    Marito recently converted to Islam and tells us why he was attracted to the religion.  Marito talks about his experiences with prayer and meditation and how it has changed him.  Marito tells us how he has become more at peace with who he is and is starting to embrace his culture and identity.  He talks about going from being ashamed of his background to being proud of it.

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