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Go Off, Sis

Too Many Pigeons In America ft. Chidi Ashley

Season 5, Ep. 23

With Summer ghosting us, Fall sending “you up?” texts and America doing America we ask ourselves: Is it time to slide? Black people across the globe are leaving urban areas and going rural and remote to find peace and balance: So should we? On this episode we’re packing bags and figuring out where do we want to live, is it safe for us there and what are our responsibilities to these countries and communities. We’ll also get a visit from our 8 figure sista, entrepreneur and travel expert Chidi Ashley. She’ll share tips for getting that visa, how to travel ethically and which country she’s not pulling up to anytime soon.

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  • 5. BONUS EPISODE: King Pleasure: Parallel Modeling ft. Jeanine Heriveaux & Lisane Basquiat

    For the first time ever the Basquiat family has opened the estate’s vault and given us the opportunity to see hundreds of never before seen works from the late great Jean-Michel Basquiat. Led by his sisters Jeanine Heriveaux and Lisane Basquiat, the Jean-Michel King Pleasure exhibit showcases rare and never before seen pieces by the late artist. In a live, intimate conversation with Chelsea cohost of Go Off, Sis at The King Pleasure Exhibit in Los Angeles, Jeanine and Lisane open up about their decision to share more of Jean-Michel’s work, the legacy he left behind, their family and ancestry, and how they’ve carried the legacy forward in their own right as sisters, mothers, and entrepreneurial Black women.
  • 4. Break Up With That Stylist ft. Teyana Taylor

    Close your eyes... let's throw it back to the OG salon - the days of hot combs, “hold your ear,” and your momma's attempt at your favorite styles that NEVER came out right. Now let's jump to the present…we now have products designed for our texture, “click-to-ship” lace fronts, ombre micro links, exotic bundles, and hefty deposits to book your favorite stylist. Whatever your style flavor, we can SAY we have evolved! The Go Off, Sis crew is closing out this capsule season sharing hilarious, yet traumatic stories of Black hair salons and hair care. We asked YOU the Unbothered community for your hair trauma stories and you surely went off! From the first perm to the failures of your first DIY dye that you surely regret, WE HEARD YOU! And thank you so much for sharing your stories.Our special guest is the multi-hyphenated singer, dancer, actress, director, and visionary Teyana Taylor. Teyana discusses all things new from the new Harlem, new projects, and her new role in the critically acclaimed movie, A Thousand and One.
  • 3. Wigs Not Sitting Right ft. Novi Brown

    Pop Quiz: What is the one hairstyle that had Black women in a chokehold? Think about it! Ok, let's go down memory lane. The Go Off, Sis crew is throwing it back to their favorite styles, hair moments, and how they could never get that "hair bump" right! In this episode, we are talking about our personal relationship with our hair and the influence of pop culture, music, and icons that impact us. We are giving flowers to TV shows and cultural moments that deserve a "chef's kiss" for amazing hair design and calling out the shows that did Black characters dirty (you know who you are!). Our special guest is the talented actress Novi Brown, best known as Sabrina on the BET comedy-drama series, Sistas. Novi is bringing BIG Scorpio energy while sharing life on set, the importance of African American hair, and how she learned to love her own hair.
  • 2. Bae & Bonnets ft. Coco Jones

    Dating + relationships + hair combined can be as complicated and stressful as securing Renaissance tickets. Today, we're going into taboo subjects surrounding romance and appearance. The Go Off, Sis crew is going IN and asking serious questions about Black women and hair:When do we put the bonnet on in front of a "new" bae?When do we reveal the “Meek Mill” cornrows under the wig?Would you pull off your wig during your first (you know what) with a mate?Do you have a particular hairstyle that you wear when you're looking for a new partner? And for more volume - Our special guest is the talented recording artist and actress, aka the new Hilary Banks, Coco Jones. Coco talks about her career, music, and how she'll never put limits on what's achievable in her life. Tune in!
  • 1. Chopping It Off & Up ft. Lacy Redway

    Hey Sis, WE'RE BACK!!! During this capsule edition of Go Off, Sis, presented by Dove, we are giving homage to the epicenter of Black hair. Today we're talking about the "BIG CHOP". The “Big Chop” has been a major expression for Black women that symbolizes release, expression, freedom, and discovery. So we think it's time to Cut It Off, Sis! Whether we’re cutting off hair, the toxic stigmas around our hair, or reliving the time that we had to cut it off (not by choice). To add more volume to the roundtable, we have a true beauty maven with a resume, longer than your favorite Cardi B lace front, celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway. Lacy is redefining beauty standards and advocating for why there needs to be more Black creative talent on set and in the HMU trailer.
  • The Hair Salon: Season Trailer

    Did you miss us?! Because we've certainly missed you! The Unbothered team is BACK for a special edition of Go Off, Sis. This (mini) capsule season will give homage to the epicenter of Black culture - the hair salon. Our salons have been more than a safe space for style and beauty but a sanctuary for confidence, therapy, hot topics, fellowship, and all the tea.So hop in the chair and get ready because we're getting into everything. From protective styles to when are we pulling out the bonnet in front of a new BAE; DIY wins to the horror stories; The price of a good bundle to the moment that led you to a big chop. So schedule your weekly appointment for Thursdays, and don’t be late because we’re about to Go Off, Sis. 
  • 24. The Community Recipe ft. Tabitha Brown

    Whether we’re adding the key ingredient to that secret family dish or being the key ingredient in our communities, Black women have the recipe! As we prepare to gather around the table this holiday season it’s time to talk about how we nurture ourselves and how our food nourishes our mind, body and soul. In this episode, we're also taking a look at some of the empty calories that do not contribute to our success. Because overall, we want the recipe to continue to serve us! To add more flavor and spices, we have special guest Tabitha Brown who will share her career, her fundamentals for success (and the kitchen), and how bringing joy to her community led her to her purpose.Thanks for tuning in this season - we'll be back soon!
  • 22. Invest In Thyself Pt 2: Pleasure Principle ft. Shan Broodram

    We are back with part two of Invest in Thyself. We hope you made those deposits to grow your personal, platonic and romantic portfolios.But today, let’s cue the 90’s soundtrack, "Let’s talk about Sex, Baby!" Black women, have been over-sexualized for decades, yet understanding pleasure and sexual exploration remains taboo. Today, we are pushing boundaries! We are having a healthy discussion around safety, kinks, partnership and communication.We couldn’t just have one guest for this, we brought in a Unbothered Alum, Kourtney Pope of Don’t Yuck My Yummm. Then, to heat things up even more, we have the “Dr. Ruth Meets Rihanna,” Shan Broodram, sexologist and host of the Lover’s & Friends Podcast. Shan is answering listener questions, redefining healthy sex, and empowering people to be their own sex and relationships experts.