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Let Scarlett Johansson Tell You About Her Skincare Brand, The Outset, Herself

Season 1, Ep. 212

We're always in awe of our amazing guests, but today feels monumental in a few ways because we have Scarlett Johansson as our guest on the pod. An Academy Award nominee! Black Widow. AN AVENGER! Scarlett is joined by Kate Foster Lengyel, co-founder of her skincare brand The Outset (and Sara's former boss!) which launches today, 3/1. Together, they share everything you need to know about the brand: the products, the ethos, the "why?" of it all. And there's a lot of great product recommendations to be had, from a tried-and-true shampoo and conditioner that reminds Scarlett of high school to a $4 hand cream she can't stop applying. We also share our thoughts on the brand as a whole. *Glams, one of The Outset products we discuss is not available at launch: The Lip Treatment. Coming soon!*

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The Ultimate Pregnancy Skincare and Beauty Episode: What Do Avoid and More

Season 1, Ep. 279
So you're trying to get pregnant or you're currently in the midst of pregnancy. It can be confusing, scary and lonely — and that's not getting into the beauty conversation of it all. However, we are a beauty podcast and we often get questions about how to create your pregnancy skincare/makeup/haircare routine: what to avoid, what's "safe," what treatments and ingredients are okay to partake in (or not). We have both a board-certified dermatologist and OB/GYN on the podcast to share their thoughts. While we recommend consulting your personal doctor, we are thrilled that both experts — who we interviewed separately — are aligned when it comes to what's okay to use and what you should avoid during pregancy. Dr. Laura Scott is a board-certified dermatologist and has she served as the Associate Director, Skin of Color Division at University of Miami, Dermatology. Dr. Sara Twogood board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who practices at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and is the co-founder of Female Health Education, a website providing comprehensive information and education about pregnancy and gynecology topics. You'll learn about what ingredients are great to use during pregnancy, what myths you've probably heard passed down from generation to generation that need to be debunked, what data is available for the safety of specific actives, and why we shouldn't blame our skincare routines or why we may not be able to conceive. Plus: can you use microcurrent when pregnant? Can you get rid of stretch marks at home? Why should you avoid hot baths or hot tubs? Will long-term birth control affect your ability to get pregnant? Is exercise a concern during pregnancy? Any many more of your questions, answered. Shop this episodeGlossAngelesPod.com US: 424-341-0426Shop products from our episodesJoin our FB Group: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail: