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LASIK, Lumify, & Lash Growth Serums: What You Should Know About Eye Health

Season 1, Ep. 405

We’re talking all things eyes on today’s episode with Dr. Rany Woo, a cataract and refractive eye surgeon who recently did Sara’s life-changing EVO ICL procedure. We ask Dr. Rany how our eyes change as we age, the differences between all the refractive eye surgeries (LASIK vs. PRK vs. Smile), and the reason you shouldn’t be using those red eye-reducing eye drops as much as you are. She also shares the five things she would never do as an ophthalmologist, from DIY fireworks to using eyelash growth serums.

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    What if we told you a certain founder has claimed the cure for cancer is aligning with your life's purpose and also claims Hitler wasn't evil? Those are just a few truly mind-boggling topics Scentbird's CEO and Founder has been posting about on Youtube. Kirbie and Sara dive into the problematic nature of it all (to say the least). But first, we share why Rhode blushes are supreme and set them apart from other blush launches. Major thanks to our friends at dae for partnering with us on this episode, who just launched a new 3-in-1 styling cream you can take on the go — and Glams were the first to try it before it launched! We discuss why it's the perfect travel companion for your hair. Plus, are injectables and fillers officially on their way out? And why is Kirbie taking a step back from her near-obsession with Augustinus Bader after all these years? All that and more in today's ep, which you can also watch on Youtube! Shop this episodeGlossAngelesPod.comCALL or TEXT US: 424-341-0426Join our Slack for to try new products before they launchJoin our FB GroupInstagram: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail:
  • 412. Jonathan Van Ness Returns to Share What Really Happened to JVN Hair

    What really happened to JVN Hair? If you’ve listened to the pod, you know we’ve been following the celebrity haircare brand’s journey, from its launch in 2021 with Amyris to its sale at auction to Windsong Global for $1.25 million earlier this year. We’ve had experts come on to discuss the situation, like investor and advisor Maggie Sellers, but the only person who really knows what went down and what the future holds for JVN Hair is JVN themselves. Today, we’re joined by founder Jonathan Van Ness and JVN Hair Global President Teresa Lo. JVN and Teresa open up about why they were sold at auction for less than what they were worth, what the internet has gotten wrong about the sale, and what’s in store for the brand. Watch this episode and subscribe to our YoutubeShop this episodeGlossAngelesPod.comhttps://glossangeles.komi.ioCALL US: 424-341-0426Shop products from our episodesJoin our FB Group: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail:
  • 411. Cheers to 5 Years: Revisiting Our First Episode Plus a Q&A

    Glamgelenos, meet the new Gloss Angeles! In honor of our 5th birthday, we decided to celebrate in a big way — with a new song, a new logo, a new look, and a new way to listen to us — on video! On today’s episode, we’re sharing the behind-the-scenes details on the big photoshoot we did with our dream team: makeup artist Donni Davy, hair stylist Clayton Hawkins, stylist and designer Vivian Chan, and photographer Max Bronner. Shout out to Bellami Hair for providing us with the best extensions and wigs to complete the retro look of our dreams and Half Magic for glamming us as if we were old school beauty models. Then, Kirbie and Sara take a trip down memory lane to our very first episode and discuss how we’ve grown and stayed the same. In our first episode, we shared our five ride-or-die skincare products at the time (2019 was a lifetime ago in beauty, y’all!). We’re updating our list with our current fave five — tune in to hear what’s changed in our line-up! To end the show, we answer one Glamgeleno’s concealer conundrum. Watch this episode on YoutubeShop products from our episodesGlossAngelesPod.comhttps://glossangeles.komi.ioCALL US: 424-341-0426Join our FB Group: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail:
  • 410. Why Kylie Cosmetics’s Iconic LA Billboard Finally Got Taken Down

    What beauty products will take over the Olympics this year? (Do A/Cs count?) How is Ulta’s marketing strategy around “clean” beauty changing? What did Deinde, a new brand backed by L’Oreal, do to get Kylie Jenner’s coveted LA billboard location? Glossy’s west coast correspondent Lexy Lebsack is back to deliver lots of juicy news morsels to feast upon based on her own reporting in today’s headlines episode. We'll be back on July 9th to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!Shop this episodeGlossAngelesPod.comJoin Gloss Angeles Confidentialhttps://glossangeles.komi.ioCALL US: 424-341-0426Shop products from our episodesJoin our FB Group: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail:
  • 409. Which Facials Aren't Worth Your Money, "Ozempic Face," and More Skincare Education with Joanna Czech

    We’re back with part 2 of Joanna Czech’s interview. Joanna outlines which facials are not worth your money, why she doesn’t believe in just one skincare brand, what you should know about “Ozempic face,” which LED masks are worth the investment, what serums she'd never use, and the five things she’d never do as an esthetician. Shop her episodeGlossAngelesPod.comhttps://glossangeles.komi.ioCALL US: 424-341-0426Shop products from our episodesJoin our FB Group: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail:
  • 408. Celebrity Esthetician Joanna Czech On Her Famous Slapping Facial Massage and her 13,000 Hour Skincare Education

    If you've ever admired the glowing skin of Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, or Kate Winslet as they’ve walked the red carpet, you've witnessed the exceptional work of celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech. But she isn’t just famous for her signature slapping technique (also known as getting #czeched) — Joanna is a personality all on her own. Just check out her personal Instagram page. The hilarious and wise esthetician is our guest today and in part one of this interview, you’ll learn more about Joanna’s upbringing in Poland and her 13,000 hour skincare education to her favorite products that she's been using for decades. Shop Joanna's episodeGlossAngelesPod.comhttps://glossangeles.komi.ioCALL US: 424-341-0426Shop products from our episodesJoin our FB Group: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail:
  • 240. Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber

    {GLOSS ANGELES REWIND} Come back to June 2022 to hear our exclusive chat with Haiely Bieber!Hailey Bieber’s skin is as good, if not better than it appears on Instagram and TikTok. Believe (or should we say Beliebe) us — we had the chance to hang out with the newly-minted beauty entrepreneur at Rhode HQ to talk about the launch of her skincare line. But that wasn’t all we talked about either. In addition to learning why she wanted to create her own brand, Hailey also shared the treatments she gets to maintain her glazed donut skin, the relatable origin story behind pizza toast, and how she handles social media celebrity. Kirbie and Sara have also been testing the Rhode products since March and share their honest thoughts.Shop this episodeGlossAngelesPod.com US: 424-341-0426Shop products from our episodesJoin our FB Group: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail:
  • 407. Creating a Successful Beauty Brand With "Brand Whisperer" and NOYZ Founder Shaun Neff

    Today’s episode is brought to you by NOYZ. If you know the beauty industry, you know the powerhouse that’s Shaun Neff. He’s created and taken brands to the next level, from Sun Bum to Pattern Beauty to Beis. Neff’s latest brand launch, NOYZ, is a fragrance brand meant to change everybody’s opinion on what fragrance should look like and make you feel. He speaks about traditional fragrance marketing and how it made him want to get into the space, the red flags when considering a potential celebrity brand founder to partner with, shares a great argument as to why celebrity brands make sense, how a “shitty day” inspired a perfume.Shop this episodeGlossAngelesPod.comhttps://glossangeles.komi.ioCALL US: 424-341-0426Shop products from our episodesJoin our FB Group: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail:
  • 406. Gen Alpha's Latest Brand Obsession, Glossier's Big Pivot, and Child Labor Tied to Luxury Fragrance Houses

    Attention, Glams! We are taking a little summer break (for the first time ever!). For the month of June, we won’t be having any Tuesday episodes with Kirbie and Sara. But don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it. And because we couldn’t leave you hanging, we have guest episodes coming to you on Fridays! On today’s episode, we’re chatting about our upcoming 5th birthday in July! A special shoutout to our day ones who have been listening since the beginning. We’re also discussing Sephora new #1 brand and Glossier’s OG Balm Dotcom relaunch (as reported by Puck), Gen Z’s obsession with a new brand, Naturium’s entrance into Ulta Beauty, and a new documentary that has linked some luxury fragrance brands to child labor. Shop this episodeGlossAngelesPod.comhttps://glossangeles.komi.ioCALL US: 424-341-0426Shop products from our episodesJoin our FB Group: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanTwitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratanEmail: