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#BoCo: A Retrospective and GLINGO!

As we stare down the barrel of season 6, Corrina and Ian reflect on Gleasons past, look to the gluture, and invite you fill out your own GLINGO card! 

We made it to the end of Season 5, folks. Unhinged behavior herein. Enjoy!




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  • 4. 6.4, 6.5 - The Hurt Locker (w/ Jon Reilly!)

    It’s a Double Feature Episode with Jon Riley! We talk about Friday Night Glee Madlibs, Sue as the audience’s voice, lots of gay stuff for PRIDE, Ebola, Sue singing a banger of a song, and a rightful callout. There’s the power of Vanessa Carlton, Sam stealing mail, a Sue heist, and actually great music!@gleeaggressive@epicadventureof@ibroskigleeaggressive@gmail.comBuy our merch!Help Ian make an album!
  • 3. 6.3 - Jagged Little Tapestry

    Today we got mashups on mashups. Ian is LESS concerned after last time, we have a SMASH reference, Sam is here but also not, and Santana reads again and again. Becky’s got a boyfriend and everyone wants to speak to the manager, and we review lessons learned from High School Musical.@gleeaggressive@epicadventureof@ibroskigleeaggressive@gmail.comBuy our merch!Help Ian make an album!
  • 6.2 - Homecoming

    We have a homecoming episode! Did Ian even watch it? Unsure. We have White Savior Blaine, weird themes(?), we got girl, we got music… We got some excellent music though.Oh and #JUSTICE4TINA@gleeaggressive@epicadventureof@ibroskigleeaggressive@gmail.comBuy our merch!Help Ian make an album!
  • 1. 6.1 - Loser Like Me

    It’s a new season! Everyone’s back in Ohio! There may be a realtor with a penchant for live theatre? Old-old Sue is back! So many Dads! And finally, a finale number that pisses Corrina and Ian off SO much.Also, forgive the fireworks in the background.@gleeaggressive@epicadventureof@ibroskigleeaggressive@gmail.comBuy our merch!Help Ian make an album!
  • 20. 5.20 - The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

    We made it to the end of Season 5, folks. Unhinged behavior herein. Enjoy!@gleeaggressive@epicadventureof@ibroskigleeaggressive@gmail.comBuy our merch!Help Ian make an album!
  • 19. 5.19 - Old Dog, New Tricks

    Today, we have our first sort-of-rerun! We have Rachel’s take on a real-life charity that already exists, the potential AHS/GLEE cinematic crossover, and potential for this to be a Kate Bush episode. There’s also dead folks, Sam’s surprisingly appropriate arc, almost zero Blaine arc… Is this… for revènge?@gleeaggressive@epicadventureof@ibroskigleeaggressive@gmail.comBuy our merch!Help Ian make an album!
  • 18. 5.18 - Back-Up Plan

    On today’s episode, Corrina and Ian prove themselves better agents than Richard Kind, a song from the club, other songs that are great but not here, and lies all around! Also, who pushed that girl off the stage!? Why is Shirley McClain singing Janis, and what’s her problem with Kurt? Why does Rachel get away with everything!? Write in.@gleeaggressive@epicadventureof@ibroskigleeaggressive@gmail.comBuy our merch!Help Ian make an album!
  • 17. 5.17 - Opening Night (w/ Shannon Walsh)

    Shannon Walsh joins us to discuss maybe more Funny Girl previews(!?), Will making horrible life decisions, and a Sue Sylvester love affair. We also got, you guessed it, OPENING NIGHT, 2014 sex dungeon gay clubs, Ian bragging about his first uber experience, and so much more!@shannonmareewalsh@gleeaggressive@epicadventureof@ibroskigleeaggressive@gmail.comBuy our merch!