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Bonus Episode Alert: Do More Faster, 2nd edition

Back in 2010, David Cohen and Brad Feld distilled their knowledge about how to #domorefaster into a book, fleshed out with many, many stories from startup founders, investors, and other players in the startup ecosystem. They called it Do More Faster, and over the past nine years the book has been used at a number of business schools and regularly shows up on lists of top startup books.

Nine years is a long time in the startup world, so David and Brad have updated their book with a second edition, hot off the presses and available now at your favorite bookstore and on your preferred e-reading device.

Listen to this short minute bonus episode for David and Brad’s insights on how Techstars has changed over the past nine years, how the startups that people wrote about in the first edition have changed—a lot!—and what publishing a book is really like.

Visit for more info and to grab a copy today - and let David and Brad know what you think, you can find them on Twitter @davidcohen & @bfeld

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