Getting Personal with Daphne Bugler and Isabella Hobbs


with Eddie Huang

Season 2, Ep. 6

This week we’re joined by Eddie Huang, an author, chef, restaurateur, food personality, and producer. Eddie published his autobiography ‘Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir’ in 2013, which covers his childhood & adulthood and the struggles with identity he experienced growing up, which was later adapted into an ABC sitcom. Alongside his Lower Manhattan restaurant, BaoHaus, Eddie also hosted ‘Huang’s World’ on VICE, taking viewers on a hilarious journey exploring race, identity, multiculturalism and food.

In this episode we talk to Eddie about his childhood in the US with young Taiwanese immigrant parents, learning to choose empathy and forgiveness, and (of course) lots of food chat.

TW: Throughout the episode, there is some talk of domestic abuse, including details. For help and support please visit (USA), (UK), (Australia), or call 113 Protection Hotline (Taiwan).

Thank you so much to Eddie for taking the time to speak to us. You can find him on Instagram @mreddiehuang

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