Getting Lit with Linda - The Canadian Literature Podcast


"Of What Use is Poetry at a Time Like This?" An Interview with Shani Mootoo

Season 3, Ep. 26

In today's episode - for International Women's Day - Linda chats with Shani Mootoo about her forthcoming book of poetry, Cane Fire (Book *Hug) and the collaborative nature of its production. We also discuss the following:

  • her archival materials at Simon Fraser University (20.58)
  • erotic poetry (22.45)
  • working in different genres (26.26)
  • her forthcoming memoir (34.27)
  • Oeno Gallery (34.27)
  • the Ukrainian invasion and poetry (47.53)

And so much more! Please stay tuned for the forthcoming onsite exhibit at Simon Fraser University in which one of the archival materials from Shani Mootoo's archive will be featured.

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