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Obscure emotions you had no idea there was a name for

Ever felt vemödalen? Or presque vu? Or mudita? No? Well, maybe you have, and you just didn't realise it. Getting Emotional is about obscure emotions you may have felt, but had no idea there was a name for. Each week we'l

The Ick- with Aaliyah Harry

Season 3, Ep. 1
You might know it from Love Island. You might know it from Ally McBeal. You might know it from feeling this way about a Tinder date last night. It's the ultimate in turn-offs, The Ick. This feeling is a gut reaction. A sudden and sharp revulsion, a feeling that the person you're romantically attached with has suddenly become...well, icky. This normally occurs relatively early on in a relationship, and the causes can be anything- from the way that person crosses a road, to the way you imagine them filling their car with petrol. (Yes, both of these are real-life examples of why The Ick struck.) The Ick seems silly and fun, but actually there's a little more to it than I- and maybe you- realise. Perhaps you're feeling it because of a fear of commitment, or fear of intimacy, or because your previous relationships have been so dysfunctional that this one, by virtue of being healthy, seems wrong. Perhaps this behaviour from your date is one that society has forced you to think of as embarrassing, and you don't truly believe that yourself. Or perhaps, y'know, they just breathe really loudly and it's INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.Either way, I discuss it with Grazia writer Aaliyah Harry, as she is someone who has both felt the emotion, and written about it for the magazine. So she has lots of fun examples to tell, and some 'on the ground' thoughts about why, and how, it's occurred to her previously. Oh, and if you want to get in touch, find me on twitter @getemotionalpod, or on my new instagram account, @gettingemotionalpodcast.