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  • Up Close and Personal with Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart and why #GetRelationshipSmarter?

    In this inaugural episode, host Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart sets the stage for an engaging and life-enhancing podcast journey focused on Getting Relationship Smarter (#GRS), improving and maximising our relationship skills and navigating the complexities of love and our relationships. She acknowledges that it isn’t always easy but it will absolutely be worth it to #GRS. With a little effort and intervention, everyone can transform their relationships into healthy, fulfilling, and rewarding ones. Sheela also shares her personal, professional and life journey and background briefly and introduces the concept and significance of Getting Relationship Smarter. With her unique blend of personal experiences and professional expertise, she offers a glimpse into the many valuable takeaway #GRS tips she will be sharing throughout this podcast and in future podcasts. SMS concludes by encouraging listeners to embark on the journey to #GRS with her every fortnight and come away a little wiser.Win £10 Amazon gift voucher and find out how you can catapult your relationships to a new level by leaving your email here any questions or other enquiries, email

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  • Chat with Sheela: What’s the special secret sauce to King Charles and Queen Camilla’s relationship?

    King Charles and Queen Camilla have known each other for 50 years and happily married for 18 of those years. In light of their joint coronation, Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart takes a closer look at their remarkable love story, one of love triumphing despite all their challenges. We can all be inspired by their unique bond, happiness and never losing sight of what is truly important to them-their deep love for each other. What is their special secret sauce? What lessons can we learn from them to #getrelationshipsmarter? Win a £10 Amazon gift card, and find out how you can catapult your relationship to a new level by leaving your email here - any questions or other enquiries, email