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Get It Off Your Breasts

#15 Shazia Mirza On Customer Service, 'Cancelling' People & Free Stuff

Season 2, Ep. 15

Join us in conversation with comedian Shazia Mirza on discussing incessant customer service feedback, 'cancelling' people on social media and whether it's OK that we constantly want free stuff online. Shazia is now ON TOUR, get your ticket here:

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  • #23 Viv Groskop: Speaking Up, Internet Addiction & Crying Babies on Flights

    Today's guest is the author Viv Groskop who wrote the bestselling book Own The Room plus others. In this episode we discuss why women aren't speaking up at events as much as men; how to go on our phones less, and whether or not it's OK to be annoyed with a crying baby on a flight. Let us know what you think in the comments and please leave us a rating!
  • #22 Jordan Stephens: Hollywood Romance, Billionaire Donations & Free Labour

    Today's guest is the brilliant Jordan Stephens who you might know from Rizzle Kicks! He is a performer, writer, podcaster and full of interesting opinions and chat! In this episode we discuss how love is depicted in Western society; whether billionaires should give to many different causes; and why getting people to work for free under the guise of feminism isn't very fair. Let us know what you think in the comments and please leave us a rating!
  • 21. #21 Grace Woodward (International Women's Day Special) On The Fashion Industry + Body Image

    Today's guest is Grace Woodward for a special International Women's Day episode! In this episode we focus on one topic: the damaging nature of the fashion industry. Grace gets a few things off her breasts in this episode: body image, the fashion industry and the way in which women are constantly sold to. You can follow Grace's work via #bodyofworkproject. Please leave a comment, rating and review, we'd love to hear your thoughts, and Happy International Women's Day! <3
  • 20. #20 Comedian Sophie Duker: On the treatment of Diane Abbott, Toilet Queues and the glamourisation of true crime shows

    This week comedian and writer Sophie Duker joins Emma & Lliana to talk about Dianne Abbot’s abuse, queues for the toilet and Ted Bundy crushes. For more information on Sophie Duker, check out her twitter @sophiedukebox
  • 19. #19 A Live Boob Special with guests The Slumflower, Louise O'Reilly and Liv Purvis (Sponsored By Tu)

    This special episode is a live recording from the Tu Boob Pop Up where Emma Gannon and Lliana Bird interviewed a lively panel of brilliant woman: Louise O'Reilly (@Stylemecurvy), Chidera Eggerue (@theslumflower) and Olivia Purvis (@theinsecuregirlsclub).Thank you to everyone who joined us for this recording in the audience, who enjoyed a welcome smoothie and pictures in front of the Instagrammable boob balloons. Your ticket purchase went to Solace Women's Aid charity so huge thanks!Get It Off Your Breasts and Tu have partnered up because Tu is on a mission to celebrate all boobs - the ones that life has gifted us. Mosquito bites or bazookas, lemon drops or lopsided, every woman deserves a bra that makes her feel amazing, no matter what shape or size. At Tu, all boobs are welcome.
  • 18. #18 Paloma Faith: On #CoupleGoals, Nappy-gate and Telling Women To Smile

    We're back! We sat down with award-winning singer and actress Paloma Faith for our first episode of Season 3. We are so excited to be back in your ears. In this episode, Emma, Lliana and producer Shola went round to Paloma's house for a gin and tonic, and to get a few things off our breasts. We discussed Paloma's dislike of hashtags especially in the context of relationship bragging; whether nappies really are that big of a deal (following on from that Russell Brand interview) and the annoying habit of men telling women to smile or "cheer up love". Thanks for listening, and please do rate or review, and share with your friends! 
  • 17. #17 World Breastfeeding Week Special with guests Clemmie Burton-Hill & Kate Quilton

    As part of World Breastfeeding Week, Lliana is joined in a one off Get It Off Your (Milky) Breasts special by fellow new mums and broadcasters Clemmie Burton-Hill & Kate Quilton to talk boobs, public shaming, attitudes towards women’s bodies and health in a no holds barred chat about their personal experiences with breastfeeding over the past few months.Link to Hollie McNish full poem 'Embarrassed' mentioned in the episode: info on World Breastfeeding Week: @clemencybh@katequilton@llianabird
  • 16. #16 Bryony Gordon on the notion that overweight people can't exercise, personal space and 'whataboutery'.

    We sat down with ​bestselling author and award-winning mental health campaigner ​Bryony Gordon and spoke to her about her topic she wanted to #GetOffHerBreasts ​which was the notion that overweight people can't exercise. We also discuss people who invade your personal space and 'whataboutery'.