Get Changed with Kat Farmer


“Don’t call plus size women brave for having their arms out” (ft Siobhan Murphy of Interior Curve)

Season 1, Ep. 2

If there’s anyone who isn’t afraid of a flamboyant, maximalist style it’s the ever so talented Siobhan Murphy aka Interior Curve. You’ll know her from BBC2’s ‘Interior Design Masters’ with her unapologetic approach to home style tearing up the rulebooks and celebrating every colour of the rainbow. This ‘More is More’ (also the name of her upcoming book) attitude is quite obviously mirrored in her dress sense from multicoloured wigs to wild clashing prints. There’s never a dull piece in sight! In this podcast, she joins me to chat about experimental fashion, being a magpie, the effects of toxic relationships and the dark and dingy corners of plus size clothing.


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