Get Carried Away


The 3 Most Important Things to Do When Starting Your Business

Season 3, Ep. 3

In today's episode of Get Carried Away, join Carrie Murray and Elizabeth Sheils as they talk about the different areas of phase one to starting any business. When Elizabeth and her co-founder were starting the company, the goal was to look for a technology that could be integrated into their operations. Eventually, they ended up making the very thing they searched for. As Rock Paper Coin's co-founder, Elizabeth explains how having a co-founder, knowing how to define roles, and doing research can positively impact any business in conception.

In this episode you will learn:

·        Vendors are not meeting clients digitally as much as needed

·        An easier and more sustainable planning for soon-to-be couples

·        You can divide and conquer your business

·        Three Essential Must's to Starting Any Business

·        Elizabeth Sheils – when planning starts feeling like babysitting

About Elizabeth Sheils:


An award-winning planner and manager of the Seattle branch of Bridal Bliss, Elizabeth is a data-driven force in the industry with a wealth of knowledge about business development and growth from over a decade of on-the-ground work. While working with sister-in-law Nora at Bridal Bliss, she saw a gap in the industry for a digital solution that would make the contract and invoice process more efficient and collaborative for a couple and their event team.


In 2018, Elizabeth and Nora came together to launch Rock Paper Coin, the very solution they sought for years at Bridal Bliss. Since then, she has been committed to supporting and educating industry professionals through thought leadership in regard to sales, organization, budgeting, market growth, and enhancing the client experience.


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