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Generation C

Daniel Brøndt from Another Aspect: Building a sustainable brand and life

Ep. 3

"I am an old Italian man". That is how Daniel Brøndt, co-founder of the clothing brand, Another Aspect likes to describe himself. But, slowing down, really tasting your coffee and deep talks with friends and customers are things that are crucial to Daniel, and the foundation of Another Aspect. In this episode of Generation C, we explore what creativity is to Daniel, the importance of having a creative process, and how you can create a slow-paced company without losing financial growth. You also get to hear about Another Aspect's epic collaboration with grandparents, and why they are always looking for creatives from different industries to collaborate with. 

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  • 10. Mette Refshauge, Mærsk: Strategisk kommunikation i praksis

    Hvilke kompleksiteter opstår der i virksomheden og kommunikationsafdelingen, i takt med at virksomheden vokser? Og hvordan arbejder man med strategisk kommunikation i praksis? Det taler vi om med Mette Refshauge, Kommunikationsdirektør hos Mærsk, i denne episode af Generation C. Mette startede sin karriere i TDC i 90'erne, hvor hun rundede af som Kommunikationsdirektør i 2011. Derefter tog hun til SAS og Danfoss, også som k-chef, og nu Mærsk. Hun har netop udgivet bogen ‘Strategisk kommunikation i praksis’ med kommunikationsforsker Anne Katrine Lund.
  • 9. Kasper Knudsen: Creating success for himself and others through online mentoring.

    Kasper Knudsen is a Danish entrepreneur, who has started several successful online businesses including Sedia, a performance marketing agency, and an online mentor course.Kasper has empowered more than 3000 young individuals to build their businesses, drawing from his own agency experience. We have known Kasper for some time, and have always been impressed by his drive, energy and structure.Join us in this episode as we explore Kasper's personal and professional growth, his insider advice on creativity and what brings him fulfilment in life.
  • 8. Erikha Harket: Building and growing businesses that provide solutions to fundamental planetary challenges.

    Listen to the Generation C podcast when Erikha Harket shares how her sharp focus on working with challenger brands has shaped her inspiring personal and professional journey.From her consulting role at Geelmuyden Kiese to heading the marketing team at Simple Feast, Erikha's passion lies in building and growing businesses that provide solutions to fundamental planetary challenges.Join us as we explore the learnings Erikha has made along the way - including her holistic approach to defining efficiency.
  • 7. Karsten Kjems from Sonic Minds: How do sounds shape the way we interact with brands in our everyday life?

    We surround ourselves with sounds and music every day. Sounds that we choose to listen to, and sounds that we have gotten so used to that we don't even notice them being present, and that drives us to act in a certain way.Those are the sounds that Karsten Kjems, CEO of Sonic Minds, is passionate about. Sonic Minds is a Branding Agency, specialised in audio branding, sound design and music production, and they have produced sounds for brands like ASUS, DSB, VOLVO and MAERSK.Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of sound in branding. Audio branding is an aspect of branding that many of us may not be aware of, but with the right sounds, it can shape the way we interact with brands in our everyday life.
  • 6. Klaus Wittrup from Gasoline Grill: What’s the story behind the world’s best burger?

    What’s the story behind the world’s best burger?With its 9 restaurants, Gasoline Grill has not only earned the title of serving the world's best burger, but also emerged as a frontrunner in the restaurant industry for prioritising sustainability, fair trade, and excellent quality. Klaus Wittrup's commitment to his values is uncompromising, and he believes in scaling quality rather than sacrificing it for expansion. He challenges the status quo and questions the norms of the restaurant industry, refusing to take the easy way out. Join us as we dive deeper into the story of the founder of Gasoline Grill, Klaus Wittrup, and learn how he has created a restaurant chain that sets an example for others to follow.
  • 5. Dia Jovanovic from Aeris: From nine-to-five to building a cocktail empire

    Dia Jovanovic has experienced both sides of the coin - from working in a corporate organisation to starting her cocktail brand during the global lockdown. Along with her partner, Nik, she founded Aeris cocktails three years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Their unconventional, kind of "rock-n-roll" branding and marketing tactics, coupled with their great determination and commitment, have already taken Aeris to great heights. You’ll hear how Dia handles the stark contrasts that come with running a business, feeling like you can conquer the world one day and feeling like you want to dig your own grave the next (metaphorically speaking).
  • 4. Hjalte Wieth from Plugin: Pushing patiently and building the company he needed to heal himself.

    How can you go from mental struggles to mental freedom? This is the journey that Hjalte Wieth, co-founder of Plugin, shares in this episode of Generation C. Struggling with his own mental health and bipolar disorder, he wanted to create a company that would help others thrive in life and heal himself along the way. This company became Plugin, an uplifting community where members support each other on their personal development journey towards mental freedom. With the message of 'Pushing Patiently,' Hjalte paves the way for a new norm, where business, creativity, spirituality, personal growth, and balance are not separate entities, but all pieces of the larger puzzle that is your best life. You'll hear how he incorporates this philosophy into building a new business, how to set goals for your company and team in this new way, and what it truly means to push patiently in all aspects of life. Get the answers in Generation C.
  • 2. Clara and Frank from Peech: Changing the narrative on sex toys

    How can you make sex toys the talk of the town? That is the mission Frank and Clara, the two co-founders of Peech have sought to accomplish. Peech is a sex toy company that seeks to empower an open and safe exploration of your sexuality. In this episode, we uncover how they have built their brand from scratch without any funding, and the importance of giving young people a safe space to talk and learn about sex, pleasure, and boundaries. We also go into detail about how Clara makes Peech’s famous memes and the importance of community for the brand's growth especially when they can’t advertise.