Shop Talk: Pulling Back the Curtain on Gear Testing

Ep. 172

We’re pulling back the curtain on ski testing, and to provide their wealth of experience in this arena are The Ski Monster co-founder & CEO, George Michaelsen, and Matt Berkowitz, who is now the brand director of The Ski Monster and who has participated in too many ski tests to count. We discuss good ways and bad ways to conduct gear tests; how and why The Ski Monster has been able to ramp up the amount of gear testing they’re doing; and why not all gear tests are created equal.


  • George Michaelsen’s questionable life decision (6:21)
  • Matt Berkowitz’s ski industry background (10:28)
  • Ski Monster update (17:05)
  • How industry ski tests work (19:06)
  • Ski tuning & ski testing (42:00)
  • Different reviewers & reviewing (53:58)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:10:00)


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