Q&A with Hoji: Gear, Training, Mental Prep, the Blister Summit, & More

Ep. 220

Eric Hjorleifson is back on GEAR:30 to answer questions from our Blister Members about gear; his tinkering process; coming to the Blister Summit; how he trains for an upcoming season; mental preparation, and … we get some bonus questions from Markus Eder, too. (We also announce our new “Blister After Hours” sessions — that’s our working title — so learn about that and let us know if you have better ideas for what we ought to call the new show.)


  • Catching Up / Coming to the Blister Summit (3:34)
  • What gear is going to change most in the next 10 years? (13:03)
  • Our Alpine Bindings Test (16:19)
  • What gear do people obsess over that doesn’t really matter? (18:19)
  • How has your skiing changed as you’ve gotten older? (19:46)
  • When are you moving to Austria? (27:26)
  • Golden Alpine Holidays lodges (30:07)
  • Touring binding priorities? (35:45)
  • What would you like to design from scratch? (43:04)
  • Mental Prep for something challenging? (46:14)
  • The Bec des Rosses (55:31)
  • Which element of your setup gets you the most excited to tinker with? (57:10)
  • Bode Miller & Hoji on 3-piece boots (59:29)
  • Training to perform at a high level? (1:11:37)
  • Dumbest thing you've seen Markus Eder do? (1:20:28)
  • What’s your process like for gear modification? (1:29:21)
  • Do I really get to ski with Hoji at the Blister Summit? (1:44:02)
  • What’s up next for you? (1:44:31)
  • What We're Celebrating (1:47:11)


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