Innovational Correctness

This innovation & transformation podcast looks at innovators and companies that are changing the game and how they took their initial idea and created a game-changing product or service while giving you unique perspectives and insights you haven’t heard elsewhere. David and his guests discuss real-world practical advice on how to best harness the creativity of your employees and go from idea to product that has the potential to radically transform your business, all while separating hype from reality and replacing bullshit bingo with common sense.

David C. Luna

As an author, keynote speaker, and consultant, he has been actively involved in shaping all aspects of many high-profile innovation and transformation projects - from strategy development for publicly-traded companies to the launch of new products & services. He feels comfortable with all company sizes and particularly loves challenging projects. For him, innovation means continuously questioning the status quo. And as an entrepreneur, he loves being actively involved in the nitty-gritty details of creating sustainable innovations. A list of his publications can be found on his LinkedIn Page.

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