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Game Academy

Episode 14: Just PING Things (with Dr Matt Higgins and Dr Peter Howell)

Season 2, Ep. 2

Because it's just Adam this time, he gets to write all the show notes! Adam is joined by Dr Matt Higgins and Dr Peter Howell to talk all about making some games. Yes, he's taken over the podcast, and he's talking about the usefulness of making things! Of course, we all agree that there are multiple perspectives to study games from, but with a Practice research IN Games conference coming up, we thought it might be nice to spread the good news, including some book recommendations, how our lives affect the things we make and what practice research even is.

So many show note recommendations this time!

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Abstracts for the PING conference go in here:


Lost in a Good Game by Pete Etchells:

The Game Writing Guide by Anna Megill:

Rules of Play by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman:

Game Design Workshop by Tracy Fullerton:

Narrative Designer's Toolbox by Tobias Heussner et al.:

Writing for Games by Hannah Nicklin:

Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell:

And all our lovely Massively Multiplay Events:

Researching the Video Game with Lisa Meek on 17 May 2023:

The Pokelab Mini Conference with Steph Farnsworth and many guest speakers on 30 May 2023:

Psychology in Games with Matt Higgins, Lisa Meek and Catharine Cross on 31 May 2023:

Unpacking What We Take With Us with Adam Jerrett, now moved to 7 June 2023 at 1pm:

Living and Dying Well with Andy Porter on 7 June 2023 at 5pm:

Plants and Powerupswith Steph Farnsworth on 14 June 2023:

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    This month, Adam and Steph are joined by a special guest, Dr. Emma Reay. Contrary to what we say in the podcast, we're not early though! Sorry to our three listeners!This month, we dive deep into the work of Dr. Emma Reay, who guests to tell us all about her work on childhood in games, her upcoming monograph, and the logical next step: a project about death. We talk about the horrors of the PhD experience (what would a Game Academy podcast be without it?) and Emma's tips on making it better before looking at Emma's work on the various ways children are portrayed in games, and what that might say about us as adults. We then continue our conference talk from the last episode where Emma and Adam give the rundown on GGC and Emma regales us with stories of DiGRA (and Eric Zimmerman's new book!), before turning our attention to the difficulties of conference season overall, and just how much work attending a conference really is.Some links from the episode:The Bildungsroman Innuendo Studios video on Life is Strange:'s Child in Game thesis (in lieu of the book, coming next year!): Rules We Break (Eric Zimmerman's new book): out MultiPlay's active CFPs for next academic year: us on Twitter: questions and abstracts to networkmultiplay AT gmail DOT com
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    Adam and Steph are back together again! It has been a long time, but they promise they're back and better than ever, with so much to catch up on! They unpack Adam's PhD game, What We Take With Us (yes, the one he's been advertising non stop on the podcast for months) and the recent workshop for it that Steph went to. They also talk about all the other amazing events from the Massively Multiplay conference, including the amazing events by podcast favourites Dr. Matt Higgins and Lisa Meek. They then both briefly give PhD updates and dive into a discussion of the dark side of conferences.Steering away from work, Adam gets Steph to gush about Jedi Survivor, her potential GOTY, and why she's not a fan of new announcement Outlaws or other "open world games". Adam agrees: too many open worlds, too little time (at least, until their PhDs are done)! Check out all the awesome talks from Massively Multiplay: love this one in particular: Check out our Linktree to join the Discord: can still check out Adam's game, What We Take With Us here: https://whatwetakewith.usOr even join the Discord server (the ARG is over. Now we mostly play Wordle): out MultiPlay's active CFPs for next academic year: us on Twitter: questions and abstracts to networkmultiplay AT gmail DOT com
  • 1. Episode 13: What We Take With Us from Anniversaries, eSports and Wellbeing Games (with Amy Ahn and Ana Kirlitz)

    On the actual anniversary episode of Game Academy, Steph and Adam talk about their busy, busy lives. PhDs are a drag. They never stop. But they should! Don't forget about your personal lives, everyone! They then split off a bit to do something different: two separate interview segments! First, Steph is joined by Amy Ahn to talk all things eSports and Overwatch 2 in the wake of the eSports courses many universities are loving so much. Then, Adam has a chat to Ana Kirlitz, resident also-PhD student who is studying gaming communities for wellbeing through the self-care game "What We Take With Us". The takeaways? Join Multiplay's eSports leagues and go and play What We Take With Us. Two excellent ways to take care of yourselves as we approach Easter! Finally, Steph catches us up on all things Massively Multiplay, including Adam's "What We Take With Us" workshop (how did Ana drag him into all this again? Something about values, probably), and all the open CFPs, including a reminder about the Pokelab conference, which is now happening as part of Massively Multiplay's Massive Month!Check out our Linktree to join the Discord: our Overwatch 2 eSports team: our Rocket League eSports team: out What We Take With Us here: https://whatwetakewith.usAnd Ana's Discord server: out MultiPlay's massive CFP library: us on Twitter: questions and abstracts to networkmultiplay AT gmail DOT com
  • 12. Episode 12: I Bet People Get Paid Fairly to Play Disney's Newest eSport, Dreamlight Valley (with Lisa Meek)

    In this near-anniversary episode of Game Academy (we launched on 6 March 2022!), Steph and Adam are joined by Lisa Meek to discuss ConfettiX's recent eSports summit in Nottingham. What does an eSports course even look like? They go down the rabbit hole and follow on to also talk about strikes in academia and debunk some myths about unions, much to Adam's surprise - unions are actually really cool! Later, Lisa and Steph chat about their obsession with Disney Dreamlight Valley and the importance of Disney for millenials, despite its obvious problems as a giant corporate monolith! Adam chimes in with his latest gaming experiences, the self-care game "What We Take With Us" that a colleague is studying for her PhD (there you go, Ana, there's your shoutout!) Finally, Steph announces a slew of CFPs for upcoming MultiPlay events and Lisa plugs the University of Durham's online games research methods seminar.If you want to know more about, join or support strikes in academia, check out the UCU: out What We Take With Us here: https://whatwetakewith.usAnd Ana's Discord server: out our Linktree to join the Discord: in there! Check out MultiPlay's massive CFP library: us on Twitter: questions and abstracts to networkmultiplay AT gmail DOT com
  • 11. Episode 11: Steph Will Watch The Last of Us Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

    New Year. Not Happy New Year. Just New Year. - AdamJust kidding! Happy New Year everyone! In our first pod of 2023, Adam and Steph catch-up on everything they've been up to over Christmas and look ahead to the excitement (and exhaustion) of a new university semester. They chat about Steph's Christmas present, "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin, a very fictional book about game development because one character gets too much maternity leave, and also realistic rendering engines for blood didn't exist in 1996. It is nevertheless a really good book, so it gets a hearty recommendation. After some PhD updates and a discussion on the impending end of the world (by completing a PhD), they pivot to another post-apocalypse: the world of The Last of Us. Adam badgers everyone to watch the HBO's adaptation of the PlayStation classic. Steph has some doubts about how TV should approach video game adaptations. They argue a bit. Surprise! It nevertheless gets another hearty recommendation because IT'S A MASTERPIECE.Finally, MultiPlay has some big developments! January has been a year long already. Can we go back to Christmas and Crash Bash?Check out Adam and supervisor Pete's article on how The Last of Us series expands its game's universe and values: out Tomorrow and Tomorrow on Goodreads: out our Linktree to join the Discord:'t forget, MultiPlay still has an open CFP for its May hybrid anniversary conference so get those abstracts in: us on Twitter: questions and abstracts to networkmultiplay AT gmail DOT com