Ragbag Presents

A serial storytelling podcast, in which author Frank Burton fictionalises his own life.

The latest ten-part series is called Brollywood. The blurb:

After losing his home, then accidentally burning down another one, Frank is reunited with his former cellmate, Noddy. Noddy, despite evidence to the contrary, is still alive, and is very concerned about the disappearance of a set of plans to steal millions of pounds from a mysterious group of British film stars. 

Brollywood lifts the lid on the ultimate underground society, the greatest con-trick of all time, and the best-kept secret in showbusiness. It’s a story about love and friendship, as well as a handy guidebook on how to pull off a bank heist during a global pandemic. 

The accompanying series of novels begins with the books Everything I Am, and Getting Away With It.

More information at www.frankburton.co.uk.