FutureSounds FM


S1E8 - Nobody Here (We’re All Off to Electronicon)

Season 1, Ep. 8

FutureSounds FM is an eclectic, irreverent but sometimes deep dive into all things Vapor, Future Funk & Synthwave. 

In Episode 8, the full cast is assembled to announce 猫 シ Corp.’s UK live debut in London later this year; Martin and Enzo get ready to fly off to the States for Electronicon (and Nobody Here filming); and we welcome Thom to the Vapor-Dad club at last!

Plus, as ever, we also feature our favourite tracks of the moment, including the new XWAVES album! 

On the panel this week: Enzo, Thom, Patrick Fakeman & Rob Dyson 

Featured tracks:

XWAVES - Love 


Mitch Murder - Assembly Line 


Oblique Occasions - Marauder 


Brothertiger - Heaven [Fire-Toolz Remix] 


Eulalie - In Hindsight 


Honourable mention to ZAYAZ and his track 'Chromeboy' - check it out here: 


Shouts to Andrew Walker for the amazing design work on the FutureSounds 2 Poster - ‘Double Vision’; Pure Life, Liam Murphy (Listencorp), 100% Electronica… and the new lad, Ryland. This one’s dedicated to you :)



Podcast Edited by: Thom Hosken

Artwork by: Glenn Jones

Theme Tune: Donor Lens - She Said She Said She Said She Said (Miracle Lounge, My Pet Flamingo 2019)

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S1E10 - America, F​*​*​* Yeah!

Season 1, Ep. 10
FutureSounds FM is an eclectic, irreverent but sometimes deep dive into all things Vapor, Future Funk & Synthwave. In Episode 10, Enzo, Martin and Jay reminisce on a month spent filming in the States for the Nobody Here project; they pick their Electronicon highlights; and Enzo tells the story about how he accidentally walked onto the set of an 'adult movie production'... Plus much much more! They're joined by mallsoft artist, LIMOUSINE who supported filming on the ground as a Producer, and by Thom who stayed at home and missed out. Check out LIMO's work here: limousinemusic.bandcamp.com/musiclimousinemusic.bandcamp.com/musiclimousinemusic.bandcamp.com/musicOther notable mentions this week:Litty Vuitton: Cyclone www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo-1_E6lnxEVirtualsoft Home: Corporate Realities - Code Cubes pacificplaza.bandcamp.com/track/corporate-realities-code-cubesdeath's dynamic shroud: Judgement Bolt deathsdynamicshroud.bandcamp.com/track/judgment-boltKUBRICK: PAINFALL www.youtube.com/watch?v=nENufaEap58ESPRIT 空想: summer night espritfantasy.bandcamp.com/track/summer-nightSpecial thanks to: LIMO, Indy Advant, Groovy Kaiju, Frank Javcee and Eric Hughes for all of their help on the ground in America. Also to Chris from 100%, Eric & Tucker from Yung Bae's team for arranging access to filming at shows.Additional shouts to everyone we interviewed in person for the film: Equip, FM Skyline, Jon Zobele, Indy Advant, Whitewoods, NMESH, Dan Mason, Skeleton Lipstick, Vaperror, Geometric Lullaby, Ronny from Vaporspace ITL, First Class Collective, Mossy Frog Tapes, Digital Sex, Grafton Tanner, Vito DMTFL, Nanoshrine, Datagirl, Groovy Kaiju, Saint Pepsi, George Clanton, Auragraph, Yung Bae, River (Vapor 95), Eric from Sly Vinyl, Limousine, Macross 82-99, Enraile... and anyone we missed.Apologies if we missed anyone out.  creditsreleased September 30, 2022 Podcast Edited by: Thom HoskenArtwork by: Glenn JonesTheme Tune: Donor Lens - She Said She Said She Said She Said (Miracle Lounge, My Pet Flamingo 2019)