98 - Decentralization Panel at Arcosanti Convergence with Members of Holochain, NuMundo, Unify, & Reality Sandwich

Ep. 98

It’s a deep and wide investigation of decentralized networks of many kinds this week, drawing on the insights and wisdoms of five very different panelists in a discussion held at the legendary experimental city-under-construction Arcosanti, Arizona. Like it’s a rainforest, I don’t even know how to start talking about this conversation – too many points of entry, too many species living in it! Here are this week’s fabulous guests:

Emaline Friedman of Holochain


Sarah Johnstone, COO of The NuMundo Project


Jacob Devaney of Unify 


“Raven” Mitch Mignano, loosely “of” Reality Sandwich & Institute of Ecotechnics



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We Discuss:

The three forms of decentralization (architectural, logical, and political);

The historical centralization of human culture around resources;

Why technological decentralization is insufficient to achieve the goals of a more humane and equitable society;

Decentralization of civilization through the emergence of digital nomadism and the ecovillage movement;

The transition from a value of ownership to a value of access;

Decentralization as an adaptation to the unscaleability of imperialism and colonialism;

How the free market capitalist ideology rewards success and punishes failure, even though those are largely dependent on luck;

How can we make planetary culture NOT a pyramid scheme?

Distributed trust and trustless transactions, and their political consequences;

Data ownership, data security, and the vital importance of restoring our ability to communicate through “unenclosable carriers”;

How can we divest from abusive and exploitative giant tech companies?

How decentralization as an ideology can conceal the ways that enforced consensus is a kind of “shadow centralization”;

Who is affected by this decision? Who has stake in the outcome of this issue?

How can we avoid #algocracy when technological literacy is a constant challenge?

Incentive structures and incentive landscapes: What kind of behaviors are we encouraging?

Why Facebook and Google will be seen by history as a humanitarian crisis (and what we can do about it);

Market-driven shifts in consciousness;

The limits of crypto-economic governance;

William Irwin Thompson - At The Edge of History

Joshua Ramey - The Politics of Divination

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