78 - Archan Nair on Radical Nonduality & Living with Enthusiasm

Season 1, Ep. 78

Visionary artist Archan Nair joins Future Fossils this week for an infectiously fun conversation about the new creative opportunities of the digital age.


• How learning to use new tools is a little like dying;

• Archan’s history of using computers for art;

• The feedback loop between evolving tools and evolving artists;

• How to stay clear-eyed and full-hearted about the always-on awesomeness of the world, and not let the daily BS drag you down;

• The role of the nondual philosophy of Advaita Vedanta in his life and creative process;

• The exclusivity of the present when we investigate subjectivity (“The past and future don’t exist; only now exists”)

• How is the all-encompassing now of eastern mysticism different from the “Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now” of our eidetic and prophetic virtual existences?

• What does the practice of Vedanta teach us about how to receive rapid change as an opportunity for transformation rather than as an overwhelm and assault on what we hold dear?

• The problem created when our educational system focuses exclusively on examining the world “outside” of us, to the neglect of what’s “inside”;

• How never speaking the word “I” can diminish the experience of a self;

• How do we lose the self in the city when we’re constantly reminded of it through social interactions?

• Social media and inauthenticity…

• Attaining beginner’s mind

• And more!


• Ramana Maharshi

• Nisargardatta Maharaj

• Ramesh Balsekar 

• Richard Doyle 

• Nura Learning

• Adi Da

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