57 - Conner Habib & Mitch Mignano (Occult Biology)

Ep. 57

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Stitcher / Spotify Join the Facebook Discussion Group This week I’m lucky to sit with two extremely cool occultist philosophers: gay porn star Conner Habib & our mutual old friend, professional gambler turned journalist and record producer Mitch Mignano. We have a conversation about how life is observed and understood by occult philosophies - how organisms are perceived in, as, of, and beyond spacetime; the human and inhuman forms of evil in a discarnate taxonomy; and the very existence of that hidden ecosystem… Conner: http://connerhabib.comhttp://twitter.com/connerhabib Mitch: http://realitysandwich.com/u/mitch-mignano/https://www.facebook.com/mitch.mignano.77 (http://shamanikagenda.com coming soon) In this episode we reference an episode of Conner’s podcast in which he had a portentous chat with comedian Duncan Trussell – who it happens is a friend of new Mitch’s also, and convinced him he should start a podcast – and the metaphysical implications of this are at the beginning of their excavations… Actually, don’t think about that yet. Topics What Conner learned from studying under legendary biologist Lynn Margulis – while in school for creative writing… Gaia Theory and the Earth as a self-regulating super-organism… The battle between holism and reductionism: organismal biology versus molecular biology… Conner’s introduction to the work and worldview of Rudolf Steiner and Goethian Science… New ways to see, perceive, conceptualize, and encounter living beings… How to understand the living world through the lens of Anthroposophy… The Gnostic view that the material world is just the corpse of goddess Sophia, and how that relates to latencies in the nervous system that forbid us from encountering the world “right now”… How we experience time differently depending on our size… The role of psychedelics (or “ecodelics”) in the cultivation of etheric and astral senses/knowing – help or hindrance…? Steiner’s prophecy about the end of the 20th Century developing an “Ahrimanic school” of people with profound powers that are not concerned with the health or benefit of organic evolution… How do we engage nonphysical “entities” we believe are service-oriented but might be manipulating us…? What do occultist philosophy and ketamine have in common? The objective reality of evil, and Conner’s concern about Duncan Trussell’s light-only spirituality might be playing fast and loose with the dark forces… How our gods reflect the attitudes we bring to them… …and our demons often simply want redemption (even if they go about it the wrong way). Is evil time-bound? The hidden connection between Dracula and The Matrix!? And we go DEEP on reincarnation. Conner Quotes “Molecular biology is kind of a phony biology. It’s not really about life.” “The problem with these kind of sciences…they’re difficult to encapsulate in ten-minute soundbites. ‘The gene is the driving force of evolution!’ That’s easy. You can talk about that in two seconds – like you can flush the toilet in two seconds.” “The thought is just sort of the dead husk of the movement of thinking. So can we get into the actual movement of thinking itself, apprehend and understand that?” “Organisms are not spatial beings. They’re not temporal beings either. They’re sort of movements, or dynamic evolutions expressed to us through time. The only way to determine an organism’s existence spatially is to kill it.” “If you really want to understand an organism, you look at its growth throughout its life cycle and life history. You don’t just see what’s in front of you in that moment and extrapolate.” “We often encounter death and think it’s life.” “When we encounter things, we encounter them in process…and it might be the end of the process.” “It’s not up to me to say whether people should do psychedelics. What I WANT is a different cultural conversation about them, that allows different information in, aside from, ‘These are terrible and should be illegal’ versus, ‘These are bringing me spiritual awakening, bro.’ I don’t find either of those satisfactory.” “I think our desire to speed up our spiritual development is, like, first of all, sort of aspiritual.” “No one wants the machine elves to threaten them.” “Not having any risk is a really dangerous thing.” “If you have a god of demands – ‘Show yourself to me!’ – you’re going to get demands.” “Don’t say ‘BE better,’ say ‘DO better”…because I know it’s coming for me. I know I’m going to be changed again, and again, and again, and again, into different bodies.” “I’m not tooting my own horn here, but that’s why people think that I’m evil, or porn is evil, sexuality is evil: because it’s pushing sexuality forward because it’s demanding people look, think, encounter it. Books Richard Doyle - On Beyond Living Lynn Margulis & Dorion Sagan - Microcosmos Craig & Henrika Holdrich? - Genetics & The Manipulation of Life: The Forgotten Factor of Context Grant Morrison – The Invisibles Kurt Vonnegut – Slaughterhouse Five Kevin Kelly – What Technology Wants Mossimo Something? - The Light We See Is The Light That Has Died William Irwin Thompson - Coming Into Being: Artifacts & Texts in the Evolution of Consciousness Richard Doyle - Darwin’s Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, & The Evolution of the Nöosphere Daniel Pinchbeck - Breaking Open The Head Gordon White - The Chaos Protocols John C. Wright - The Eschaton Sequence

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