56 - Sophia Rokhlin (Anarchy, Ecology, Economy, and Shamanism)

Ep. 56

This week’s guest is Sophia Rokhlin, whom I met in Portugal at Boom Festival 2016, and who just finished her Master’s of Ecological Economics in Barcelona last fall. Sophia’s currently at work on a number of cool projects, including The Environmental Justice Atlas – a database of environmental conflicts happening around the world. She’s also helping Daniel Pinchbeck write a book on ayahuasca and has worked at Kosmicare, a European psychedelic harm reduction project. http://ejatlas.orghttp://twitter.com/sophiarokhlin We Discuss: • How Spanish represents time differently than English • The politics and economics of Catalonian independence from Spain • How energy accounting, geography, history, and political ecology come together in the new field of Ecological Economics: the layer of material funds and flows behind what we think of as “the economy” – how much gold, how much sand, how much palm oil… • Her time in the Amazon studying plant medicines with the Sequoia tribe • “Flex crops” (used as a food, a fuel, and a feed) for more sustainable and resilience global agriculture • How can we properly account for all the ways our ecosystems support us without dangerously oversimplifying things? • The history (and problem) of using “ecosystem services” to quantify the economic value of nature • “Man-Age-Ment” • The Battle of Global Civilization: Technocrats vs. Mystics • And what of technoshamanism? Demetabolizing our environment. • Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind Process & voice dialogue in ego transcendence • The problem of locating yourself in a global environmental conflict without a clear front line…each of us is everywhere, so where do we stand? • Connecting and making kinship and natural rapport with elements in the global economy and learning how your life intersects with the planet-wide body of ______ (paper, palm oil, latex, etc.). • How studying economics can be like diéta, getting acquainted with something • Acting as a gateway to transcendence and altered states of consciousness • Sophia’s history of encounters with ayahuasca, and what led to the realization that shamanism is not her path • Balancing Big Picture thinking and intimacy, the social and personal, traditionally masculine and feminine modes of being • Overcoming the cognitive dissonance between the revelations of psychedelic experience and ecological defense of plant medicines • The hidden costs of regulating cannabis and other plant medicines • Her soft spot for “the clandestine economies of hackers, pirates, and shamans”…don’t create economic monocultures by commodifying everything you possibly can! • How psychedelics defy commodification – and why that’s a good thing • Ontological anarchism and the silliness of trying to impose structure onto the utterly uncontrollable mysterious reality of reality • Anarchism as a process • “To complete things is to uncomplete them.” • Unity and efficiency versus the counterclockwise heyoka medicine of necessarily contrary oppositeness • Can there even BE a counterculture in a planetary culture? • Idea Sex • Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal and their model for Love Without Fear • Relationship Anarchy needs a community container; why polyamory can be more difficult in the city • The opposite of Tinder is having elders counsel us when we find someone in our community attractive • Feminine eldership, female guidance and leadership • Life Hack 101: Treat animals as gendered he’s and she’s instead of it’s, and you get better communication results. • The Noosphere eating the Biosphere • Jamming with nature and the importance of acoustic biodiversity • The fallacy of conservation biology and the cult of wilderness • If we really want to Make America Great Again, we’re going to need some mammoths! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Stitcher / SpotifyJoin the Facebook Discussion GroupSupport this show and get cool stuff!

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147 - How to Live in The Future (Parts 1 - 4)

Ep. 147
This week is something different: author-read audio of the first four essays from my ongoing book-in-progress, How to Live in The Future.These essays are the first in my feature-length interrogation of the insufficient ways we think about the future…a poetic exploration of the fruitful interface between psychedelic mysticism, evolutionary theory, and critical futurism.For more along these lines, check out Future Fossils Episode 129 for the Boom Festival 2016 talk that started it all…You can read these pieces —rich with explanatory hyperlinks and graphics —at the links below:Part 1: The Future is A PlacePart 2: The Future is More of EverythingPart 3: The Future is Both True and FalsePart 4: The Future is Exapted/RemixedMusical interludes from my 2017 live album, Pavo: Music for Mystery, recorded live on tour across Australia.Episode cover art by Collin Elder, whose paintings feel to me like the fine art approximation of what I am trying to communicate in words. Follow him on Instagram.Support this show on Patreon for over a dozen secret episodes, the Future Fossils book club, and weekly community calls, and much more.Later essays in this series, which I’ll likely read in a fall episode:Part 6: The Future is DisgustingPart 7: The Future Acts Like YouPart 8: The Future is Indistinguishable from MagicAlthough I’d rather you shop elsewhere, you can grab the books we talk about on Future Fossils at Amazon and they’ll chip me a piece of the proceedings at no cost to you.

146 - Raising Earth Consciousness with Ralph Metzner, Dennis McKenna, Gay Dillingham, Valerie Plame Wilson, Allan Badiner, and Michael Garfield at Synergia Ranch, April 2016

Ep. 146
Where do I even start explaining this week's episode? Probably with a vignette: someone came up to me after I was on this all-star panel discussion featuring five living legends — psychedelic researchers Ralph Metzner and Dennis McKenna, author Allan Badiner, film-maker Gay Dillingham, and former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson —and asked me who I was and what I was doing there. I was the youngest person on stage by twenty years, and had done nothing with my life yet that put me in the same weight class as any of them. And yet there I was to offer my synthetic insights and play music to a packed house in a geodesic dome on an utterly magical evening. We had an intense discussion about nuclear disarmament, ecological destruction, and psychedelic medicines hosted by my then-new friends at Synergia Ranch. Rick Doblin of MAPS and Johnny Dolphin of Biosphere 2 fame got up on stage that night as well (although not for this panel). It was a night I'd dreamt about weeks in advance with uncanny accuracy, and was the catalyzing moment that ultimately led to my moving to Santa Fe in 2018. I'm deeply grateful to Synergetic Press for hosting the event, inviting me to join this panel, and letting me share this recording as a podcast episode.Read all about this awesome April 2016 symposium and salon here:https://www.synergeticpress.com/raising-earth-consciousness-at-the-synergetic-symposium-and-salon/So much has changed since then and honestly, it isn't the most timely episode to publish at this moment, but I'm working hard to get some awesome people on the show soon who can speak to what we're living through in history right now.I would have more to say about this, but it's been a very busy week. If you'd like more new listening material, I strongly recommend checking out the recent conversation that I had with physicist Geoffrey West of the Santa Fe Institute about how the science of cities undercuts the economic myth of endless open growth and forces us to seriously study other paths to a sustainable planetary culture.Please take a moment to leave a glowing review of Future Fossils at Apple Podcasts.If you would like to link up with other amazing Future Fossils listeners, please email me and I'll invite you to our Discord server.Support this show on Patreonfor over a dozen secret episodes, the Future Fossils Book Club (next up: Lilith's Brood by Octavia Butler!), and muuuuuch more.Theme Music:“God Detector” by Evan “Skytree” Snyder (feat. Michael Garfield).Additional Intro Music: "Lambent" by Michael Garfield.Thank you for listening!