Join paleontologist-futurist Michael Garfield and an avalanche of amazing guests for deep but irreverent discussions at the edge of the known and knowable: on prehistory and post-humanity and deep time, non-human agency and non-duality, science fiction and self-fulfilling prophecies, complex systems and sustainability (or lack thereof), psychedelics as a form of training for proliferating futures, art and creativity as service and as inquiry. New episodes on a roughly biweekly basis.

Michael Garfield

Michael Garfield is a philosopher and artist dedicated to helping navigate our era of crisis and innovation, midwifing new myths to suit an emerging planetary renaissance. As a public speaker, essayist, avant-guitarist and songwriter, and live painter, Michael has performed and spoken at events on four continents and contributed to countless publications. His fiercely pluralistic, multidisciplinary work addresses major evolutionary transitions (like the one we're living through right now). By day, he works in complex systems science communication for the Santa Fe Institute.