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Many industries are experiencing disruption - sometimes from inside the industry, but more often from outside. Are you going to thrive and survive in a time of disruption and change, or will you nose-dive and disappear?

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  • Underestimating AI

    Many leaders experimenting with AI feel let down by the results because they don't explore it properly, so they only get a limited view of wht it can do. That means you might give up on projects too soon, or not start at all. Dont underestimate its power! Rethink its capabilities and start putting it to work to generate value for you and your team.Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • Empower And Elevate

    AI is changing faster than ever, but if you want to step onto this fast-moving track, you probably don't need to know as much as you think you do. Spark innovation by creating a space that gives smart, talented people the freedom to get real-world results from AI - while doing it safely, responsibly, and in line with your goals.Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • AI Bumps And Bruises

    Many teams on the AI journey hit bumps when trying to convince others - internally and externally. Some team members worry AI might replace their jobs, while senior leadership might not always be fully on board or see its benefits. If you're a leader or manager on this journey, it's essential to get others on board.Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • Putting AI To Work

    A year ago, when I was talking to clients about AI, many were still asking Why questions: Why is it important? Why should I care? Why should I make it a priority? Now we've moved on from those questions, and it's good to see most leaders are convinced AI is important and here to stay. We're moving from scepticism to action and from curiosity to application. The next steps are What, How, and Who - and it's important you get them right.Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • Are You An Avocado Leader?

    What does it take to be a future-ready leader - especially with so much change, uncertainty, and disruption in our lives? Research by Macquarie University during the pandemic sheds some light on what the best leaders do - and continue to do - in leading themselves and their teams for future success.Download the worksheet:
  • From ROI To COI

    When making a decision, it's useful and appropriate to consider your return on investment, or ROI. But that's only one factor in making a decision. Also consider what happens if you don't do anything, and include the cost of inaction, or COI, in every decision.Download the worksheet:
  • Unleashing AI

    Using AI is not about technology! AI is already being used in every industry and sector - including teachers, tourism operators, medical professions, artists, and managers. Most of these people are not "techies" - they are simply using the power of AI to do their work better. That's the real power of AI right now - to engage your team to use it by their side.Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • Better Together

    The future of work involves humans and machines working together. As a leader, you play a crucial role in combining artificial intelligence with human intelligence. This includes defining clear outcomes, identifing the right mix of people and AI, exploring flexible team structures, and building a culture that attracts top talent. Embrace AI as a tool for empowerment and you lead your team to a smarter, more adaptive workplace.Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • Empower, Engage, Excel

    The heart of AI success comes from people, not technology. It's about rallying your team, sparking enthusiasm, and navigating the journey together. When your people unite behind AI, you leverage the tech, innovate for success, and boost your performance.Register for the virtual masterclass: