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Disrupt Yourself

You’ve done everything right, played by the rules, and built a solid business, but the world has changed and everything you valued is shaken to the core. So how do you continue to be successful in a fast-changing world? In a nutshell: Disrupt yourself.

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  • AI Empowerment

    AI is getting better and better, but it's still a long way from being perfect. So when you're creating your AI policy or framework, how do you protect your team from imperfect AI? Instead of aiming for relying on AI alone, strike the right balance between trusting the quality of AI and applying human intelligence to it.Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • AI For Your Customers

    When you're crafting your AI policy, go beyond your internal needs and consider your customers as well. Many customers care about how you're using AI to deliver their products and services - especially if you're capturing data about them and tailoring their experience based on that data. Respect their expectations and values, and make sure you're clear about how AI shapes their experiences.Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • Harnessing AI

    If you're a leader, you might be planning your AI policy, framework, or guidelines. How can you balance innovation with responsibility, so your team can leverage AI effectively and safely?Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • The Innovation Metric

    When setting goals for AI, innovation, and change projects, traditional metrics often fall short in capturing progress. What truly matters, especially early in the process, is the journey rather than just the destination.Download the worksheet:
  • Put People First

    This is the year when many organisations will be using AI in a big way. But with any change, innovation, or new technology, it's about people first. So if you're planning any AI projects this year, make sure you bring your people along on the journey.Download the worksheet:
  • Small Changes, Big Wins

    You don't always need to take disruptive action to create significant change. Sometimes, a small strategic change - or pivot - helps you adapt and flourish. Assess and amplify the effect of making a small change, and you could potentially transforming them into key drivers of growth and relevance in a rapidly changing world.Download the worksheet:
  • Leading With AI In 2024

    As we step into 2024, AI will continue to play an important role in our lives. As a leader, use these three key questions to build your strategy for integrating AI into your role, your team, and your organisation in the year ahead.Register for the virtual masterclass:
  • Thinking Ahead

    We know 2023 has been yet another year of massive change, and there's more change ahead. Looking forward, 2024 presents an opportunity to think and act differently in the face of change, uncertainty, and disruption - so you have more clarity and confidence and make better decisions in your personal and professional life.Watch the video:
  • Digital Disasters

    There are many examples of AI being used badly - even unintentionally. As a leader, you're responsible for the use of AI in your team, and may even be responsible for the consequences if it's not used well. Get this right as you lead your team on the AI journey in 2024 and beyond.Download the worksheet: