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Future Imperfect

How big were mediaeval warhorses?

Season 1, Ep. 28

Jason talks to Alan Outram and Oliver Creighton who have done the most extensive study of mediaeval warhorses ever made.

Producer: Natt Tapley

Audio: Pete Dennis

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  • 1. How can we live chivalrously?

    In a change of format, we talk to Jason Kingsley, CBE, himself. We dig deep into what chivalry means, why Jason is fascinated with mediaeval history, and how is affects his life and the way he runs his business.Producer: Natt TapleyAudio: Pete Dennis
  • 33. How can we fix our oceans?

    Professor Guy Standing is an economist who has a radical way to fix the problems in our oceans, one from the past. He wants to see them held in common, as mediaeval resources often were. He talks to Jason about how this would work.Producer: Natt TapleyAudio: Pete Dennis
  • 32. What does genetic engineering mean for our futures?

    Gene editing therapies are just starting to be used to treat conditions. In this episode, Jason talks to Matthew Cobb, Professor of Zoology at the University of Manchester about how we got here, and what it could mean for each of us in the future.Producer: Natt TapleyAudio: Pete Dennis
  • 31. How did gift-giving work in the past?

    When European settlers arrived in the Americas they found many economies based on gift-giving. Jason talks to Brian Owensby about how this worked, how it didn't work, and how this could have led to conflict between the Old World and the New.Producer: Natt TapleySound: Pete Dennis
  • 30. What is the digital mediaeval?

    Jeremy Silver is the CEO of Digital Capital, and he believes that we are living in our 'digital mediaeval period'. He joins Jason today explain what he means by that, what problems it poses, and what we need to do to move to a 'digital renaissance'.Producer - Natt TapleySound - Pete DennisPhoto by Bingqian Li:
  • 29. How did they deal with pandemic disease in the 1660s?

    Jason talks to Rebecca Rideal about 1666, and pandemics, great fires, and wars.Producer: Natt TapleyAudio: Pete Dennis
  • 27. Why are our trees going north?

    Ben Rawlence joins Jason to explain how the tree-line is moving, what that means for us, and what we can do about it. Produced by: Natt TapleyAudio: Pete Dennis
  • 26. How can we bring back action comics?

    Jason talks to comics legend Garth Ennis about war, computer games, history, and how to bring back comics of the past.Producer: Natt TapleyAssistant Producer: Abi RobinsonAudio: Pete Dennis