From University to Unicorns


Episode 2

Season 1, Ep. 2

Episode #2 of From University to Unicorns, is out to discuss what is research commercialisation; why it is hard and how it can be done. With some of the most respected leaders:

  • Anna Grocholsky, previously the Director of Commercialisation and Innovation at Macquarie University
  • Professor Jim McCluskey, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research at the University of Melbourne
  • Professor Duncan Ivison, Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Sydney and previously Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Professor Zee Upton, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation at the University of NewCastle
  • Professor Guy Ford, Professor of Finance and Director of the MBA program at the University of Sydney Business School
  • Quin Chang, Director of Enterprise Development at La Trobe University and Chair of Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia Ltd

By Rom Bouveret, Natasha Rawlings and Alejandra Romero.

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