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Risk and reward: Closing the wealth gap

This latest podcast by FTAdviser, in recognition of International Women's Day, aims to consider the way that women perceive investment risk and reward, and whether the traditional language employed and methods used by advisers and wealth managers works for women or whether there are some adaptations needed. On this podcast, hosted by editor Simoney Kyriakou, guests Louis Williams, head of psychology and behavioural insights at Dynamic Planner, and Sarah Ruggins, head of multi-asset research at St. James’s Place, provided an overview of the dichotomy that has been created over recent decades - namely that women are more financially independent than ever, but less financially resilient.

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  • How to advise sports people

    It can be a challenge to get sports people to think long term about their financial futures. But doing so is important for a number of reasons.FT Adviser senior reporter Alina Khan speaks to Mark Tueart, managing director at LIFT-Sport, and Conrad Balatoni, associate partner practice at St James’s Place, about why football players are targets for financial misconduct and scams and the role advisers play in helping them make good financial decisions.The FT Adviser Podcast is the podcast for financial advisers, brought to you by FT Adviser. Each week, we are joined by guests from the industry to discuss the week in news and pressing industry issues.
  • How to understand the economy of nature

    In 2020, the former BoE governor Mark Carney said the bank's objective was that "every professional financial decision will need to take climate change into account". Since then we have seen regulatory action on removing greenwashing from the investment process, a consumer duty obligation to have more open conversations with clients about their investment choices and a global push politically and economically to tackle climate change. But what about more immediate, tangible effects that can be seen in investing directly to tackle environmental degradation? How can the natural economy align to individual financial plans as well as to the wider economy?Here to discuss these things with FT Adviser editor Simoney Kyriakou is Will McDonald, an independent consultant and a sustainability and public policy expert.
  • Investing in a world of lower interest rates

    The latest edition of the FT Adviser podcast discusses the topic of investing in a world of lower interest rates. The guests, James Klempster, deputy head of multi-asset at Liontrust, Tim Foster, bond fund manager at Fidelity, and Dean Cook, multi-asset investor at Aviva Investors, discuss the impact on equity and bond markets of rates falling and what it all may mean for diversification. 
  • Mortgage prisoners: 'There but for the grace of God go I'

    In this Editor's Podcast, FT Adviser editor Simoney Kyriakou talks to Scottish National Party politician Martin Docherty-Hughes about the issue of mortgage prisoners in the UK. Martin has been the Member of Parliament for West Dunbartonshire since 2015, and has been campaigning for fairness across all aspects of British life. In recent years he has been working to help tens of thousands of mortgage prisoners in the UK and has recently urged parliament to alleviate their plight.
  • 'Why we created a conversational AI'

    Could, or should, AI be used to take part in long conversations with clients? In this editor's podcast, Simoney Kyriakou talks to GENE, a very intelligent chatbot created by the Boston Consulting Group, and fellow guest Paul Michelman, editor-in-chief at the Boston Consulting Group. The guests discuss the usefulness of embedding AI in client conversations and the advice process, and how technology can be used and adapted to improve back-end administration and personalisation.
  • What does the FCA's retirement data tell us?

    The regulator's latest data on the retirement income market showed there continues to be a trend of less people taking advice when entering drawdown. There was also less people taking guidance when buying annuities or entering their pots in general.Joining FT Adviser news editor Amy Austin to delve into the data and discuss what it means are Tom Mcphail, director of public affairs at the Lang Cat and Mark Ormston, director of propositions and corporate partnerships at Retirement Line.
  • 'Talent is everywhere; opportunity is not'

    The latest episode of the FT Adviser Editor's Podcast focuses on a few words: Talent is everywhere, opportunities are not. This is wording taken from the mission statement of youth empowerment charity Urban Synergy. Founded in 2007, the charity has helped more than  20,000 young people aged between 9 and 24 years to reach their full potential. Chief executive and founder Leila Thomas talks to Simoney Kyriakou about the opportunities that financial services companies have to help create diversity in the City.
  • Should investors care about elections?

    Much of the world's population will be going to the polls for elections in the coming years. But should advisers or their clients react to the politics, either by viewing it as a chance for profit or a threat requiring evasive action.Joining FT Adviser investment editor David Thorpe to discuss the topic are Sunil Krishnan, head of multi-asset funds at Aviva Investors; Hugh Gimber, market strategist at JP Morgan; and Hiroki Hashimoto, senior multi-asset fund manager at Royal London Asset Management.
  • How retirement advice became a key focus 10 years on from pension freedoms

    It's been a decade since the world of pensions was turned on its head by the then government. People were given more freedom and choice to use their pension funds as they please. But what is the lasting impact of the reforms and why is the regulator now concerned about retirement advice?Amy Austin speaks to Andrew Tully, technical services director at Nucleus, and David Haynes, senior financial adviser at Nightingales Wealth Management, to find out.The FT Adviser Podcast is the podcast for financial advisers, brought to you by FT Adviser. Each week, we are joined by guests from the industry to discuss the week in news and pressing industry issues.