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Season 2, Ep. 36

With Season 2 in the rearview, it's time to get ready for a new set of conversations in Season 3. We will be talking to people and brands who are doing great things in and for the community, as well as looking back in history at the events that have shaped the world.

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  • 43. Ep. 43: Harpreet Singh, CEO and Co-Founder at Launchable

    This week, Teja talks with Harpreet Singh, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Launchable, a company that's on a mission to make software testing faster and smarter. They discuss the DACI framework and the importance of intentionality in decision-making, what it's like to bring a behemoth like Jenkins to life, and the power of slowing down to meditate.
  • 42. Ep. 42: Brian Douglas, CEO and Founder at OpenSauced

    In this week's episode, Teja talks with Brian Douglas, CEO and Founder at OpeSauced. They talk about how a good open source portfolio is more than just getting your name on big projects, the natural progression from developer advocacy to building an open source marketplace, and the trials and tribulations of learning to lead as you
  • 41. Ep. 41: Ian Villa, COO and Co-founder at Whisper Aero

    Joining Teja on this week's episode is Ian Villa, COO and Co-founder of Whisper Aero, a company that is developing cleaner, quieter, and more efficient propulsion solutions. They discuss the pros and cons of a campus with on-site housing, the burgeoning Nashville tech scene, and how a 5 am trip to Kinko's can, in hindsight, be a lesson in
  • 40. Ep. 40: Kate O'Neil, CEO and Co-founder at Teaming

    This week, Teja sits down for round two with Kate O'Neil, who has moved into the CEO position at Teaming since the last time they talked. They discuss the differences that come with the transition to becoming a CEO, the importance of incorporating movement into your life, and why getting the best sleep comes down to the perfect
  • 39. Ep. 39: Jeremy Snyder, CEO and Founder at FireTail

    After a brief holiday hiatus, Teja is back this week with Jeremy Snyder, the Founder and CEO of FireTail, an API security platform that provides application layer visibility, real-time, inline inspection, and blocking of malicious API calls. They talk about being a less technical founder, how being a polyglot helps you understand more than language, and the importance of taking the time to find your own adventure.
  • 38. Ep. 38: Stefan Avram, Head of Growth and Co-Founder at WunderGraph

    Teja sits down with Stefan Avram, Head of Growth and Co-founder at WunderGraph, an open-source GraphQL federation. They discuss how injuries can change your life trajectory, the complexities of working with distributed teams, and how sometimes getting fired can be the best thing that's ever happened to you.
  • 37. Ep. 37: Marc Taverner, CEO and Co-Founder at XEROF

    This week, Teja welcomes Marc Taverner, the CEO and Co-founder at XEROF, a Swiss financial institution that specializes in turning cryptoassets into fiat forms of money that can be used worldwide. They discuss the wild ride crypto has been on, financial regulations in emerging markets, and the importance of ensuring those millions in Bitcoin aren't hanging out in the
  • 36. Ep. 36: David Khourshid, CEO and Co-Founder at Stately

    This week, Teja talks with David Khourshid, Co-founder and CEO at Stately. This AI tool serves as a visual source of truth for creating, deploying, and analyzing any type of logic. They discuss the importance of considering the customer at the outset, the ways metrics can skew your path, and how you know when it's the right time to turn that side hustle into a full-time business.
  • 35. Ep. 35: Brandon Bayer, CEO and Co-Founder at Flightcontrol

    This week, on Founder to Founder, Teja talks with Brandon Bayer, CEO and Co-founder of Flightcontrol. This developer-first AWS infrastructure allows teams to deploy on AWS without the overhead of hiring a DevOps team. They discuss running a lean team, building better experiences for software teams, and how the best leaders are the ones that treat people with kindness above all