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Ep. 25: Vinay Patankar, CEO and Founder of Process Street

Season 4, Ep. 25

This week, on Founder to Founder, Teja sits down with Vinay Patankar, CEO and Founder at Process Street, an AI-powered process creator that helps companies achieve operational efficiency. They talk about growing up in tech, gaming, hitting the grind when building a business, and the importance of slowing down and seeing the world every once in a while.



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  • 35. Ep. 35: Brandon Bayer, CEO and Co-Founder at Flightcontrol

    This week, on Founder to Founder, Teja talks with Brandon Bayer, CEO and Co-founder of Flightcontrol. This developer-first AWS infrastructure allows teams to deploy on AWS without the overhead of hiring a DevOps team. They discuss running a lean team, building better experiences for software teams, and how the best leaders are the ones that treat people with kindness above all
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  • 31. Ep. 31: Jerome Hardaway, Founder of Vets Who Code

    When Jerome Hardaway was hired at the Department of Defense, it wasn't because of the skills he learned in the military; it was the ones he taught himself after leaving the Air Force. This week on Founder to Founder, he talks with Teja about the life-changing world of software, working to help Vets channel their military skills into successful tech careers, and a sprinkling of martial arts and
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  • 29. Ep. 29: Yaron Ben Nun, CTO and Founder of Nostromo Energy

    After a short hiatus, we're back in the saddle with another episode of Founder to Founder. This week, Teja talks with Yaron Ben Nun, CTO and Founder of Nostromo Energy, about building a company from a good solution, the best way to learn how to negotiate, and how sometimes the best ideas are the ones that can take you down.
  • 28. Ep. 28: Miss Manners addresses computer correspondence

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